List of Free Online Banking Courses, Training and Tutorials

Free online courses in banking are offered by real schools. Learn which banking courses are available, what topics they cover and which ones lead to real college credit.

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These free online banking courses don't require registration and generally aren't available for credit. Some courses are available as video lectures, while others include lecture notes or assignments in PDF form. While not all of these courses are specifically focused on banking, many offer banking topics and concepts within the course of study.

Free Banking Courses

Accounting 101 at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

In this beginner's course offered through the Small Business Development Center at Kutztown University, students can access PowerPoint slides covering accounting, finance and banking topics. Students learn how to track the flow of money in a business and how to comprehend cash flow statements, income sheets and balance sheets. The relationship between businesses and banks is covered in the course.

Banking and Money at Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers 18 free videos in this banking and money lecture video category. Most courses last around 10 minutes and teach users about money creation, basic bank operations, treasuries and the Federal Reserve. Courses include images for students to learn with. Users can subscribe to this topic with their email address.

Financial Accounting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is a graduate-level course that offers lecture notes on accrual accounting, financial ratios, financial statements and revenue recognition, among others. The free course includes a PDF version of a homework question about banking concepts. Recitations notes are also available with topics on bookkeeping procedures, cash flow statements, acquisitions and long-term debt.

Financial Markets at Yale University

Yale University's OpenCourseWare offers a series of free video lectures that explore financial institutions, the theory of finance and the future of financial institutions. Users are allowed to join online study groups, and lectures include PowerPoint slides. Video lectures last about an hour, and some lectures feature guest speakers.

Financial Services at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This video lecture lasts about an hour and is focused on banking system issues, the financial crisis, international banking systems and the politics involved with banking. This lecture was originally presented in 2009.

Fundamentals of Personal Finance Planning at the University of California

The Fundamentals of Personal Finance course helps students discover their personal financial goals and helps them reach those goals. The course includes modules on insurance, retirement plans and creating a cash flow statement. Students will be able to download spreadsheets and utilize outside resources.

Investments at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This graduate-level course teaches students about financial markets, financial decisions and financial theory. Hedge funds, equity markets and portfolio management are all topics covered in this course. Students can download lecture notes and will have access to assignments and quizzes with corresponding solutions.

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