List of Free Online Business Management Courses and Classes

See our list of the top free online business management courses. Learn about what classes are available, what topics they cover and whether you can use them to get college credit.

Online Business Management Courses for Credit

While free online courses generally don't lead to credit, affordable courses that offer a path to college credit are available. Students interested in earning a degree can find online courses that lead to credit for a nominal fee. The fee charged for these courses is usually a lot lower than the cost to take that same course on a traditional campus.'s Business 101: Principles of Management course can be used as an efficient and affordable route to college credit. Free transcripts for these lessons are available to all students, but if you opt to become a member, you'll be able to watch all the video lessons taught by business management professionals. Chapters in this course include:

  • Management Basics - This chapter covers three levels of management, managerial skills, Mintzberg's managerial roles and the four functions of management.
  • Organizing in Business Management - Topics included in this chapter include organizational design, organizational business structures, work specialization, traditional and contemporary organizational designs and informal organizations.
  • Leadership Theory - Subjects explored include Fiedler's contingency theory, leadership theories, situational leadership and Machiavellianism.
  • Strategic Management and Managerial Decision Making - Explore the steps in the strategic management process, organizational decision making, certainty and risk, quantitative decision making and PERT analysis.
  • International Management and Contemporary Issues - Learn about characteristics of international managers, globalization methods, regional integration, business ethics and social responsibility.

Free Online Non-Credited Business Management Courses

Students don't have to register to access these free online business management courses. Online students can also study at their own pace; however, special software, such as media players and document readers, may be required to access some course materials.

Advanced Managerial Communication at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This communication course for managers helps students gain the skills needed to speak at public events, oversee meetings and address adversarial audiences. Other aspects of interpersonal communication covered include listening and group decision making. Many course materials, such as selected lecture notes and assignments, are available online. This course doesn't lead to college credit.

Building and Leading Effective Teams at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Students in this online course examine notions of leadership, delving into such things as the individual's capacity to learn and considering visions for the future. They can download two sets of lecture notes as well as some outlines for class sessions. They may need to obtain textbooks for recommended reading assignments. No college credit is offered for this course.

Discovering Management at The Open University

This non-credit course covers topics related to the basic duties of a manager, including budgeting, human resources, employee development, motivation and leadership. Written lessons and activities help students explore management theory and the practical aspects of the role. A glossary of business management terms is included with the course materials.

Fundamentals of Business Analysis at University of California - Irvine

Students learn the role of the business analyst and how he or she functions in the workplace today. Lesson topics include project management, flowcharting and object-oriented modeling, among others. The course places a special emphasis on information technology. A textbook is necessary for supplemental reading assignments. Credit for this class can be earned through the University of California (UC) Irvine Extension.

Introduction to Project Management at University of California - Irvine

This course, the introduction to a larger course taught through the university extension program, gives students a look at what is needed to organize and complete business projects in a timely and efficient manner. Notes are provided for one lesson, which is divided into six parts. Students may want to obtain A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge published by the Project Management Institute, which the course references. Students may apply to UC Irvine's extension department to receive credit for completing this course.

Management: Perspective and Practice at The Open University

Different types of organizations and personnel management are covered in this course, which doesn't lead to credit. The written lessons focus on organizational culture and methods of problem solving, among other topics. Activities encourage students to examine various aspects of management.

Managerial Economics at Utah State University

Students learn to use the principles of macroeconomics as a guide in making business decisions. The non-credit course includes audio lectures, multiple-choice quizzes and exams, but not answers. Familiarity with microeconomics, statistics and calculus is a prerequisite. A textbook is part of the course, while an additional study guide is highly recommended.

Managing Projects Through People at The Open University

This non-credit course helps management students identify individuals who should be involved in a project and learn the best ways of encouraging their contributions. Detailed written lessons make up this course. The completion of various learning activities helps to enhance the course experience.

Managing Transformations in Work, Organizations and Society at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Examining the changing face of the workforce and its interactions with community and government, this course explores the social ramifications for businesses and their employees, as well as the respective role each plays in society. Lecture notes and some readings may be downloaded. Students can also review instructions for writing assignments. No credit is given for this course.

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