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See our list of the top free online cake decorating courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

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Regardless of the class, course or learning material, students interested in online learning on how to decorate cakes won't be able to earn college credit upon completion. Training must be completed on the students' own time. Free online training materials are rarely found through public or private not-for-profit schools. Most materials can be found through organizations related to baking or cooking.


  • Cake Decorating Techniques: Split, Fill and Crumb Coat a Cake Cake Decorating Techniques: Split, Fill and Crumb Coat a Cake offers online training through a video guide and reading materials. This lesson shows students how prevent crumbs from getting in the icing when icing a cake. In addition to the training video, this website also provides students with red velvet cake and cream cheese filling recipes.

Culinary Institute of America (CIA)

Students can listen to this roughly 20-minute On Location with Duff Goldman '98 podcast directly from the website or download it for offline listening. This free podcast covers topics relating to creativity, objectivity and the art of cake decorating.

King Arthur Flour: Basic Cake Decorating

Each chapter consists of step-by-step instructions and pictures. Students will also find a list of tools that are needed to complete each tutorial.

During Chapter 1: Making Buttercream Frosting, students can learn how to make Italian buttercream frosting. A frosting recipe, appropriate for a variety of cake decorating projects, is provided. Cake preparation prior to decoration is the focus of Chapter 2: Assembling the Cake. Through this 4-page illustrated tutorial, students can learn how to ensure level cake layers and make a crumb coat. Chapter 3: Decorating the Cake provides 7 pages of instructions that cover several decorating styles, such as pinstripe, rosette, piping, dotted, ribbed and basket-weave patterns. Students can also learn a decorating use for chocolate ganache.

Make Fabulous Cakes

Make Fabulous Cakes offers students training through step-by-step instructions with corresponding visual aids. The How to Make Tiered Cakes lesson shows students how to stack and provide support for each layer. Students learn how to use a rotating tray while torting and icing a round cake in The Icing a Cake Smoothly tutorial, which also aims to train students how to ice a cake without having crumbs mix in the icing.

Pennsylvania State University

These free online tutorials offer training through reading materials and pictures. Some instructions may offer extra tips to further help the learning process. The Cake Decorating 1 lesson provides students with a required supply list and an icing recipe so that they can learn how to crumb, seal and ice a cake. Additional topics include how to fill a decorating bag, use star and writing tips, make rosette patterns, transfer pictures to cakes and make star patterns. A materials list and instructions are part of The Cake Decorating 2 lesson that shows students how to apply granny's quilt and roses supreme decorating patterns.

Wilton Industries

Wilton Industries offers its free trainings through step-by-step picture and text tutorials. The Covering Round Cakes with Rolled Fondant tutorial details processes for fondant trimming, air bubble removal and fondant rolling for large cakes. The Covering Shaped Cakes with Buttercream tutorial offers recommendations for cake decorating designs, including borders, flowers, messages and numbers.

The How to Choose and Use Decorating Bags tutorial shows students the technical aspects of different decorating bags. Students can also find instructions that show how to prepare, fill and hold decorating bags. These instructions are accompanied by a tutorial video. The Icing Cakes Using a Spatula tutorial uses text and video to demonstrate proper techniques for creating a crumb coat and applying the final amount of icing.

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