List of Free Online Carpentry Courses, Classes and Learning Materials

See our list of free online carpentry courses. Learn what courses and learning materials are available and what topics they cover to find the one that's right for you.

Info on Free Online Learning Materials, Classes and Courses in Carpentry

There are many free videos available online illustrating various techniques and projects in carpentry. Many magazines and TV shows concerned with carpentry or renovations offer videos of this nature on their websites. This article will only look at a few of them. The user cannot earn academic credit for completing any of these courses or lessons.

Free Online Carpentry Learning Materials, Classes and Courses List

A Guide to Honing and Sharpening by the Museum of Woodworking Tools

This course helps woodworkers keep their tools in the best possible working condition. It focuses on the history of honing and sharpening and vital aspects of these practices, such as stropping, beveling, chiseling, flattening and other modern technological methods. Students can explore these methods via text, pictures and diagrams.

How to Carve a Canoe Paddle in Your Spare Time by This is Carpentry

Through a series of pictures and a video, the instructor demonstrates how to carve a canoe paddle. The pictures show how to properly draw an outline of the paddle on wood and then cut it out. The rest of the tutorial is concerned with finishing the paddle.

Furniture Making at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This free course from MIT engages students in the process of furniture making. Topics include an American historical overview and a look at the use of power and hand tools. Common themes include sketchbook work, cutting, hand tools, power tools, bending and jig making. This course employs various technical readings, visual aids, videos, project pictures and assignments.

How to Cut Miters by This Old House

The user can view a video that demonstrates the tools needed and the techniques used to cut exact miter joints. Materials included with the video are a list of tools, an estimate of length of time to complete the project and the project's difficulty level. There is also a listing of each step in the project.

Shim Cutting Jig by This is Carpentry

Users of this free resource learn to cut a shim through pictures (with explaining text) and a video. The teacher first demonstrates how to make a jig. He then goes on to show how to use the jig to cut shims of various thicknesses.

Wood Handbook from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service

This online textbook (via PDF) seeks to familiarize students with wood as it is used in engineering and other industries. It covers topics in woodworking, such as the characteristics, availability, structure, function, stress, moisture relation and physical properties of wood. It also looks at fastenings, structural analysis, adhesives, bonds, finishing, drying, sterilization and fire safety methods. The 20-chapter book uses pictures, diagrams, graphs and tables to display various kinds of content for learners. There's also a glossary and index. A mathematical background might be required to understand certain portions of the book.

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