List of Free Online Computer Graphics Courses and Classes

See our list of the top free online computer graphics courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Free Online Course Info and Requirements

Most of the free online computer graphics courses and classes offered can be found at public and not-for-profit schools. These schools provide training through OpenCourseWare (OCW) and open learning courses. By completing these free courses, students won't be able to earn college credit for their training. Students must also complete these courses at their own pace without the instruction of an educator.

Free Computer Graphics Course List

Algorithms for Computer Animation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Since much of this course was originally formatted to be completed in a classroom, students will miss out on lectures and projects. Most of the topics for this program come from readings that are found through online resources. Since the first week's reading assignment isn't offered online, students may not be able to access that content. Topics covered by this course can include motion capture, keyframing, particle systems, rigid and flexible bodies, cloth, smoke and motion editing.

Applied Multimedia at the University of Notre Dame

This course is separated into several parts with tools that provide training for sound and video editing, animation, publishing and virtuality software. Although many of the required resources can be found online, students may not have the opportunity to experience some of the content found in the required books or software. Students may also find that many of the video tutorials for this course require a subscription. This course provides a week-by-week breakdown that offers project content, internet readings and training exercises.

Blender 3-D Design at Tufts University

All required resources are provided by this school. In order to fully participate in this course, students are required to download free 3-D design software and meet the minimum computer requirements. Much of the training for this course is provided by units that cover topics in camera and animation tools, particle systems, object mode tools, Blender functions, 3-D model smoothing and mesh modeling. Each unit supplies students with general notes, tutorial videos and written instructions. If the student is confident about his or her training, this course also offers 5 projects that can be used to demonstrate newly developed skills.

Computer Graphics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

When following this course's curriculum, students can find resources including downloadable course materials, lecture notes, assignments and exams. Although this course offers all of the required readings online, students can choose to obtain recommended reading materials. Since this isn't an active course, students won't have the opportunity to participate in the team project that was originally required. Training materials offered during this course cover topics in ray tracing, animation, modeling, image-based rendering, rasterization and radiosity.

Creating Interactive Media at the University of Southern Queensland

In order to gain the most from this course, students need to have Macromedia Fireworks and Flash development software to complete training modules. Thirty-day free trial versions of these software programs can be downloaded when needed. This course is separated into 4 modules that cover topics in integrated multimedia for the Web, multimedia development platforms, field-related introductions and interactive multimedia elements. Students can also find course assessments and assignments to test their training.

Flash at Utah State University

Since this course focuses on training students to use Macromedia Flash, students may need to purchase a copy or download a 30-day free trial. Resources offered include class notes and PowerPoint presentations, assignments and work plan guidelines. If a student wants to put his or her training to the test, this course also provides the guidelines for a final project. This course aims to teach students to use related programming languages, create Flash animations and vector graphics, export files to the Web and integrate media files into Flash.

Interactive Media Production at Utah State University

Like Utah State University's Flash course, this course requires students to purchase Macromedia Flash or utilize a 30-day free trial. Most course content can be found online through downloadable files and screencasts. Since this course doesn't provide final project guidelines, students can focus on demonstrating their skills by using the supplied assignment files. During this course, students are expected to encounter topics in drawing tools, dot syntax, lighting effects, debugging, nesting control structures and embedded items.

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