List of Free Online Computer Repair Courses and Classes

Learn about computer repair with these free online courses and tutorials. See the full list of free computer repair courses, and find the class that's right for you.

Online Computer Repair Courses and Required Information

A limited number of free computer repair courses and tutorials is available through different schools and institutions. The classes below are typically not offered for university credit. All courses can be taken by students at their own pace. Some knowledge of basic programming, mathematics and computer systems may be necessary in order to fully benefit from the free online resources below.

Free Online Computer Repair Course List

2012 Karbosguide at

This course can benefit individuals interested in learning about computer hardware/software, computer maintenance or just computers in general. The Karbosguide offers lectures on Windows, motherboards, PC architecture, chipsets and CPUs (central processing units). Many of the lectures come with illustrations and graphs.

Circuits and Electronics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This course from MIT looks at the basic functioning of circuits and possible applications for analog, digital and audio devices. Course topics include resistive elements, networks, independent and dependent sources, energy storage and applications. Students have access to a variety of learning tools, including videos, lecture notes, labs, quizzes and homework sets. Not all the readings are available online, and students may need to purchase a textbook.

Create a System Repair Disc through Microsoft

This free course consists of a video presentation on how to create a system repair disc to resolve or fix problems in the Windows operating system. Microsoft also provides written instructions to accompany the video.

Laptop Repair Course through the Institute of Chartered Telecom Professionals

This free online training site includes a variety of short videos that teach students about computers and computer repair techniques. Students can learn about software/hardware connections, the binary number system, memory upgrades and hard drives.

Overview of Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset through Microsoft

This free online tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on performing various diagnostic and troubleshooting techniques on a computer or laptop. The Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) provides instruction on many of the tools needed to repair and maintain a computer such as Crash Analyzer, Disk Commander, Computer Management and Locksmith Wizard, among others.

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