List of Free Online Cooking Classes, Courses and Learning Materials

See our list of the top free online cooking courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

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Free online cooking classes, courses and learning materials aren't commonly offered through public or not-for-profit private schools. If a student completes a free online cooking class, it's for personal fulfillment as he or she won't be able to earn college credit.

Free Online Cooking Classes

Cooking Techniques at BBC

The BBC offers free training through easy, intermediate and advanced videos that are followed by explanatory articles. These lessons are separated into 6 categories that cover topics in fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, desserts, pastries, sauces and pasta preparation. Depending on the category, students may learn how to roast a duck, dice an onion, skin a tomato, fillet cooked fish, knead bread dough, ice a cupcake or skin flatfish.

Cooking with the Times at the New York Times

The New York Times offers 39 cooking lessons that cover topics including lasagna, pizza, calamari, side dishes, fish, deep-frying and omelets. Each lesson provides recipes and cooking tips. Some lessons also provide video guides.

Dinner Tonight at Texas A&M

This program offers free cooking videos that demonstrate healthy dinner recipes. Videos are typically less than 10 minutes each and include step-by-step instructions using basic cooking techniques. These lessons cover various recipes, including guilt-free chicken enchiladas, apple tuna salad and zesty lemon chicken. Students can also find a number of printable recipes.

Gluten-Free Online Cooking Class: Eat Freely with Cybele at Glutenfreeda

Glutenfreeda caters to students who wish to cook without ingredients that contain common allergens. Students can find free lessons that show them how to cook allergen-friendly fudge, macaroni and cheese, pancakes, corndogs and crab cakes. In addition to training videos, students can find ingredient lists and recipe directions.

How to Cook at Delia Online

This program features categories that specialize in cooking poultry, meat, eggs, fish, pasta, fruit and vegetables. Each category offers training for various techniques by offering step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by visual references. This website also offers recipes for students to cook after they feel confident in their training.

How to Videos at

Students can use this free resource to access over 90 cooking tutorials. Each lesson consists of a video tutorial and description article. Students can find videos that show them how to make deviled eggs, grill steak, stir-fry, scramble eggs, cut mangos, roast garlic and freeze cookies.

Kitchen Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

With resources including homework assignments and related readings, this course uses cooking to provide hands-on chemistry training. The required book for this course isn't included for free. Topics found during this course cover pancakes, bread, cheese, molecular gastronomy, spaghetti, coffee and meringues.

Online Cooking Class at

Chef2chef's course covers basic and advanced cooking techniques, including cooking meat, using herbs, working with seafood, creating sauces, assembling appetizers, cooking vegetables and using pastry dough. Lessons include written instructions with the ingredients and preparation steps instead of visual guides.

The Professional Chef Discovers Beef at the Culinary Institute of America

In this course, students can learn how to prepare Spanish, Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian beef-based appetizers. This free online course encourages students to experiment with flavors and learn about different traditions. Students may learn how to cook beef by reading 9 pages of information and following the attached recipes.

U.S.A. Peanuts and World Flavors at the Culinary Institute of America

This online course is presented by the National Peanut Board and the Culinary Institute of America. This course teaches the history of the peanut and how it can be incorporated into a cooking routine. Students can learn about the many uses and distinct tastes of peanuts through various articles. There are links to 25 recipes featuring peanuts. The resources list features books that can be purchased and sources for recipe ingredients.

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