List of Free Online Courses for Fire Fighters

Free online courses for fire fighters are offered by real schools. Learn which fire fighting courses are available, what topics they cover and which ones lead to real college credit.

Free Online Fire Fighting Courses

Basic Wildland Fire Orientation at Nation Wildfire Coordinating Group

This course includes a 15-minute video that serves as an introduction to wildland fire. The video covers personal preparedness, mobilization, incident procedures, proper clothing and living conditions of wildland fire camps. While the video is free and accessible to all users, individuals who would like to receive credit or certification from the NWCG must find a course administrator who can be reachable by phone, e-mail or in person while taking course.

Firefighter Math by the USDA Forest Service Technology and Development Program

Originally developed by the US Department of Agriculture, this online course teaches firefighters the math calculations that they may need to do in the field, such as calculating flame height, tank volume or pump pressure. The 9-section course can be completed at the students own pace and includes practice questions, examples and conversion tables. This course does not award any credits.

Improving Understanding and Collaboration among First Responders at Johns Hopkins University

The School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins offers an OpenCourseWare course related to firefighting to students free of charge. This non-credit course seeks to help students understand the relationship between fire fighters, EMS, law enforcement, public health and private security. PowerPoint presentation slides are used as lecture materials. Students learn about the culture of each group of first responders and explore how they respond to a crisis.

Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior at MetEd

This is an advanced course that explores ways of predicting how a wildfire will act. Individuals who plan on becoming Single Resource Bosses or Fire Effect Monitors may find the course to be especially useful. Students have access to maps, takeaways and other online resources while learning about long-range spotting, fire whirls and crowning.

Introduction to ICS at the National Wildfire Coordinating Group

The NWCG also offers a free online course about the setting up an Incident Command Center and its staff tasks and responsibilities. Upon finishing the final exam, students can earn a certificate of completion if they have a course administrator, someone who has completed a higher-level course offered by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group.

Introduction to Security at Weber State University

Weber State University's OpenCourseWare classes are available for free to students and do not offer academic credit. While this course is mainly focused on the fundamentals of security, it does explore fire protection and emergency planning while instructing students on the history of security management, complications in the field and significant focus areas. Students have the option of completing assignments and readings if they wish to purchase the textbook used in the original course.

Wildland Fire Management and Planning at Utah State University

This fire fighter course explores how the environment plays a part in how a fire is observed. Students also learn about mathematical fire models and have access to a field guide while studying fuel moisture, fire behavior and wind. Vocabulary lessons are also included in this course.

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