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List of Free Online Courses in 3D Multimedia

See our list of the top free online 3-D multimedia courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.


This website offers training through guided videos. Students won't find any coursework or assignments. The Animation Tips and Tricks in Maya course covers topics in adjusting weight values, motion trails, improving spacing, twinning removal and shifting weight. Altogether, the nine videos run 42 minutes. The Beginner's Guide to Animation in Softimage course shows students how to animate bones, edit animation, use keyframes and use deformers. Through eight short videos, learners gain a grasp of the terminology and the steps for viewing and creating animations. The Detailing and Aging Props in Mudbox course trains students to add details, age, wear and tear, bump maps and texture to computer-generated objects.

This website offers video or written tutorials for lessons that cover animation, modeling, rigging, sculpting, texturing, digital painting and lighting. Since the videos offered on this website don't have audio, students are required to mirror the mouse movements presented in each tutorial. The Tank Rig Tutorial provides training for 3DS Max functions through reading materials and diagrams. During this lesson, students can learn how to implement ground projection systems, auto-spinning wheels, frame orientation, object cloning and programming scripts.


All of the following lessons are presented through video recorded lectures that use PowerPoint presentations to display information. The lessons are part of a program developed by the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science. The Clipping lecture trains students how to prevent computer-generated objects from penetrating or passing through each other. The lecture lasts approximately 48 minutes. The Curves lecture, which takes roughly 52 minutes to view, covers algorithms that are used to apply different types of geometric curves to computer-generated objects. The Rendering lecture teaches students theories that are used for improving and adding to the realistic display of wire-frame models or objects without 3-D features.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Students who complete these courses won't be able to earn college credit. The Algorithms for Computer Animation course was designed to cover topics such as motion capture, rigid and flexible bodies, motion editing, robot controllers, particle systems and keyframing. The free online offering consists mainly of an extensive list of outside readings and several links to related resources. There is no access to any of the course lectures or additional training materials originally offered at MIT. Individuals who are interested in utilizing the free resources from this course should have previous programming and mathematical training.

Students can follow the Computer Graphics course by reading the notes from more than 20 lecture topics, which are provided as .PDF files. Details on assignments and the actual quizzes are also offered in the free online version, but students won't have the opportunity to participate in the team project found in the syllabus. Topics covered during this course include image-based rendering, ray casting, curves, surfaces, line rasterization, clipping, visibility and texture mapping.

Tufts University

After completing this course, students won't be awarded college credit. In order to participate in the Blender 3-D Design course, students will need to meet the minimum computer requirements that are detailed in the course syllabus. All required computer software can be found through free downloads. This course also provides students with additional resources that include project guidelines, sample work and software tutorial videos. This course covers topics in particle systems, lighting tools, mesh modeling, object smoothing, editing functions, camera tools and spin modeling.

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