List of Free Online Customer Service Classes and Lessons

Free online courses in customer service are offered by real schools. Learn which customer service courses are available, what topics they cover and if they lead to college credit.

Online Customer Service Class Information

Students interested in honing their customer service skills can take courses free of charge over the Internet, some of which are available through the OpenCourseWare (OCW) system. OCW enables students to download course materials and study in a self-paced manner without the pressure of grades, but college credit is not provided. Other institutions offer a variety of educational video lessons that can provide useful tips for attracting and keeping customers.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Listening to the Customer deals with market research based on a qualitative analysis of what the customer wants. Types of market research analysis include focus groups, surveys and interviews. This OCW course is intended to provide students with market research skills that are useful in many careers, including research and development, management, product management and advertising. The original course was structured around group work, and while OCW learners have access to project assignments, they will be unable to complete the group projects. Individual assignments are available as well. In addition to downloading lecture notes, the student needs a tape recorder if he or she wishes to complete the assignments.

Monterey Institute of International Studies

The Failure, Customer Discovery and Development video is about one hour in length and features a lecture by a University of California - Berkeley professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. The instructor discusses entrepreneurship and emphasizes the importance of recognizing who the customer base is in order for a start-up business to be successful.

The Open University

Introduction to Customer Service teaches students the difference between customer service and customer care. The 12-hour course also examines customer-related legislation. Students can access lectures, as well as activities that test learning.

Keep on Trucking Customer provides an introductory-level reading on customer service methods. The reading states that although all businesses are part of some type of supply chain, the customer is always at the heart of this chain. The text comes with two visual charts that help demonstrate the principles of supply chains.

Stanford University

Customers Are Key briefly explores the importance of communicating with customers to sustain successful business ventures, particularly technology enterprises. This short video can be viewed online or downloaded. Negotiating with Customers and Clients is the last in a series of eight lectures. This free lesson is led by a CEO in the form of a video podcast that can be downloaded and viewed offline. The video emphasizes that the majority of business deals take place with customers, making good customer service a vital ingredient. Additionally, students can learn some key points for successful negotiations.

The Value of Customer Service video is the second in a series of eight lectures. The importance of customer service in growing a business is the focus of this 6-minute video. Taught by an ex-CEO, this lesson is part of the Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series.

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