List of Free Online Data Entry Courses and Lessons

See our list of the top free online data entry courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Free Online Course and Lesson Info

Students won't be able to find free online data entry courses or lessons offered through public or not-for-profit schools. Courses and lessons that are offered don't provide any course credit for college and must be completed at the student's own convenience. Free online courses and lessons aim for students to become familiar with various types of typing techniques while using QWERTY-keyboards.

Free Online Data Entry Course and Lesson List

Learn to Type at

All lessons offered through this training program are entirely text-based and free. Each lesson offers training for fast and accurate typing. Students will also encounter exercises that need to be completed in a word processing computer program. Topics covered during this program include finger placement, using specific keyboard rows and using the shift keys.

Peter's Online Typing Course at

Each free lesson offered through this course provides students with pictures, descriptions and tips that can lead to better typing efficiency. At the end of every lesson, students can test their training by completing lesson-specific interactive exercises. This course also provides advanced exercises for students who feel confident enough to increase the difficulty of their training. Before students can start learning techniques for typing, this course suggests that students read the provided preliminary materials that cover effective learning principles, basic finger placements and typing ergonomics.

Touch Typing Lessons at Touch Typing Study

Individuals can review 15 lessons that offer hints, training exercises and related keyboarding drills. Each lesson is dedicated to introducing students to specific key sets. In the final tutorial, students can expect the exercises to incorporate all keys. If the student registers with this website, he or she may have the opportunity to track his or her progress. Students can also test their typing skills by participating in speed tests and typing games.

Typing Course at ARTypist

This free online course consists of 10 lessons that cover basic finger positioning and how to properly use each finger. Each lesson incorporates 14 exercises. The first 2 exercises of each lesson offer advice on how to type. Students are also welcome to register with this website to gain the benefit of tracking their statistics and progress.

Typing Courses and Lessons at Typing Web

Students are only required to register at this website if they want to keep track of their progress and access certifications. Premium lessons are also offered to students who want to enroll in a paid subscription service for this website. Depending on their expertise, students can choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons. Each lesson provides finger placement instructions and training exercises. During these courses and lessons, students can learn how to access every key on the keyboard, type accurately and type with speed. Games are also available for students who are looking to test their skills.

Typing Lessons at Learn Typing

Individuals can participate in beginner typing lessons and advanced skills development in this free option. Most lessons are presented with training pictures, lesson instructions and training exercises. Students can also learn keyboard shortcuts, complete free typing tests and participate in a typing game.

Typing Lessons at Type Online

This website provides lessons that can familiarize students with keyboard and number pad typing. Lessons are presented with explanations for proper typing techniques and corresponding training exercises. Type Online also offers typing safety hints that can help protect against any health-related injuries. Students looking for additional training can also find copy practice and speed tests.

Typing Lessons at Typing Club

There are 100 lessons that cover the alphabet, shift keys, numbers and symbols in this online tutorial. Students can also choose to complete advanced courses that were created to help increase typing speed. Before an exercise begins, most lessons provide finger placement hints and general typing tips. This website also allows students to track their progress and successes after registering for a free account.

Typing Lessons at

Students choosing this free training have access to brief written instructions with pictures and 3 educational videos. After reading and watching the related instructions, students can hone their skills by completing lesson exercises that focus on specific keyboard rows. Students can also test their typing skills by completing sample texts that are based on recent headlines.

Typing Tutorials at

This website presents 16 free lessons for touch typing training. Each lesson consists of a short explanatory video and typing exercise. Students also have the option to adjust the length of the typing exercises. For additional training, students can practice using their own texts or pre-made BBC news headlines.

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