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Info on Free Online Training Programs

While students may not be able to find many free online emergency medical dispatch (EMD) training programs through public and not-for-profit schools, there are a number of resources provided by emergency response organizations. Students can access these educational materials on their own time, though college credit isn't awarded for completing them. Additionally, these materials won't qualify someone for a job in this field.

Free Online Dispatcher Training List

1996 EMD Program Implementation and Administration: Trainee Guide at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Students will need Adobe Reader to download these PDF files. The resources are entirely text-based and include a practical exam overview and a glossary of terms. Students can also examine methods for gathering information and providing instructions to callers. Emergency medical dispatch liability and dispatcher responsibilities are covered as well.

Dispatching for the Altered Mental Status Call at the Ohio Criminal Justice Coordinating Center of Excellence

To access these resources, students will need Microsoft Silverlight installed on their computers. Video lectures and PowerPoint presentations cover topics including the effectiveness of teamwork and types of mental illnesses. Students also examine methods for handling crisis intervention team (CIT) calls and talking to suicidal callers.

Effective Communication at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute

Course materials are presented through a PDF file that offers instructional text, self-assessment activities and links to related resources. Students can also take a final exam through the website or download the exam questions to complete offline. Topics of study cover basic communication skills, techniques for preparing an oral presentation and ways to use technology as a communication tool. These materials may be used by some emergency management professionals to earn continuing education (CEU) credits.

Fire Department Communications Manual at FEMA

This manual features 7 sections covering types of communications system hardware, techniques for managing a communications center and methods for increasing efficiency and reducing noise in on-scene communications. Standard and disaster operating procedures are also covered. The appendix features additional resources, including sample job descriptions as well as typical polices and procedures.

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Communications and Information Management at the FEMA Emergency Management Institute

This 2-hour interactive course features educational videos and text. Students can also take a final exam through the website or offline after downloading the exam questions. Topics covered include best practices for maintaining the flow of information during an incident and techniques for improving a communication system's readiness. CEU credits may be available to students who complete these materials.

Public Safety Dispatcher Training Manual at Dispatch Magazine

These materials are offered completely through text and include an overview of what a dispatcher training program entails. Students can learn about incident numbering and equipment types. They can also look at the terminology used on police and fire radio channels. Techniques for broadcasting information in a clear and concise manner are outlined as well.

State of New Jersey Emergency Medical Dispatch Guidecards at the State of New Jersey Office of Emergency Medical Services

This resource provides students with questions to ask callers during emergencies. Proper dispatch responses are also included. Students using this resource can learn how to provide instructions to callers suffering from emergencies related to animal bites, chest pains, strokes, electrocution, pregnancy, cardiac arrest, gunshot injuries and diabetes, to name a few.

Telecommunicators Emergency Response Taskforce (TERT) Basic Course at the FEMA Emergency Management Institute

Training is presented through an interactive website that provides educational text, worksheets and handouts. Students can test their skills by taking a final exam offline or on the website. If they wish to be placed in the National TERT Database and deployed in a disaster situation, they can submit a copy of the course results to their state TERT Coordinator. This course covers topics in mental and physical preparation for deployment, interpersonal communication skills and the roles of dispatchers in disaster environments.

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