List of Free Online Electrical Training Courses and Learning Materials

Free online courses in electrical training are offered by real schools. Learn which electrical training courses are available, what topics they cover and which ones lead to real college credit.

Information and Requirements for Free Online Electrical Training and Learning Materials

Free online electrical training courses are available courtesy of the OpenCourseWare (OCW) project through such schools as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of California at Irvine and Weber State University. Course topics run the gamut from introductory lessons in electronics and electrical engineering to studies of the electrical systems in automobiles and advanced instruction in integrated circuits. Learners may not have access to all materials used in the original classes. College credit is not available with these courses.

List of Free Online Electrical Training and Learning Materials

Electricity and Magnetism at the African Virtual University

This free OCW course was originally part of a Bachelor of Education degree program. Students can download the learning materials and read them, or they can view some of them as YouTube videos. The main topics of study include electrical potential, concept of electric charge, direct current, capacitance and magnetism. Among other topics, Ampere's circuital law is also covered in this course.

Electric Circuits - Electrical Engineering Fundamentals at Concordia University, Quebec, Canada

This online lecture is offered as a YouTube video that runs less than an hour. Students learn about Kirchhoff's laws, voltage, current and power, electrical resistance and basic circuit elements. This is one of several educational videos by Seyed Ebrahim Esmaeili, Ph.D., on the topic of electric circuits.

Circuits and Electronics at MIT

This online course teaches OCW users basic electrical engineering principles. Students learn through assignments, exams and 24 lecture videos. Topics covered include digital abstraction, analog and digital circuits, amplifiers and energy storage units. Original prerequisites for this course were Physics II: Electronics and Magnetism and Differential Equations, both available as online courses through MIT. The textbook for this course was Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits.

Introduction to Electronics, Signals and Measurement at MIT

This electrical engineering course provides OCW users with an introduction to the field of electronics, with a particular emphasis on signals and measurement. Students are not required to have any prior knowledge of the study of electronics; however, they should be familiar with magnetism, differential equations and electricity. No textbook was required for the original course, but seven books are recommended for additional reading. Assignments and lecture notes can be downloaded from the course site. Instructions for technology needed is available through a Frequently Asked Questions page.

Microelectronic Devices and Circuits at MIT

This undergraduate course, which focuses on basic microelectronic circuit analysis and design, is aimed at students who were interested in focusing their education in 'Devices, Circuits and Systems,' offered by the school as a concentration. This OCW course includes assignments and exams, though answers for the latter are not provided. Learning tools include 26 sets of lecture notes, 25 sets of recitation notes and 12 tutorials that can be downloaded in PDF format.

Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits at University of California - Berkeley

This online course provides a study of the design and analysis of various amplifiers, as well as methods of reaching wide-band amplification. Learning materials in this course include 27 lecture videos. Topics in this course include CCD filters, analog-to-digital converters, CMOS circuits and analog switches.

CSET Science Subtest I: Electricity and Magnetism at the University of California at Irvine

This course is designed for science and math teachers in California who need to take the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET). This OCW test prep course covers the fundamentals of electricity. Some of the topics include electromagnetics, measuring current and voltage, electrostatics, circuits and Ohms Law. The course consists of multiple-choice questions for seven subject areas. The course is entirely self-contained, and users are not required to purchase any additional materials. Students completing this course can qualify for 3.0 continuing education units (CEUs).

Automotive Electronics at Weber State University

OCW users taking part in this automotive technology course learn about automobile electronics, as well as other aspects of electronics. Topics include speed sensors, exhaust gas sensors, motors, wiring repair, meter usage, diagnostic service tools, wiring diagrams, and other topics. All of the necessary material is available on the course site. The lecture material presents aspects of automotive electronics that are generally true among all car manufacturers because of government regulations. The assignments for each lecture focus on hands-on activities, and OCW learners should have a car or common electrical tools in order to follow the instructions.

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