List of Free Online Game Programming and Development Courses

Learn game programming and development with these free online courses. See the full list of free game programming and development courses and find the course that's right for you.

Online Game Programming and Development Courses for Credit

The theoretical and practical aspects of video game creation can be learned via free Internet-based courses and lectures offered through a school's OpenCourseWare (OCW) system, though these materials do not usually lead to college credit. There are some online credited options available at a significantly lower cost than the price of traditional enrollment.

Students interested in this affordable form of college credit can consider's online classes. Instruction in game programming and development is available through the Business 109: Intro to Computing course. Available materials include short, engaging video lessons and self-assessment quizzes, both of which can be accessed by registered members. There are also corresponding lesson transcripts available to everyone at no cost. Chapters in this course include:

  • Programming Methodology - Lessons cover topics ranging from the five basic elements of programming and the uses of Boolean logic to the steps involved in testing code.
  • Software Development - Instructors discuss the processes, methods and tools used in software and application development along with the aspects of graphical user interface (GUI) design.

Free Online Non-Credited Game Programming and Development Courses

Blender 3D Design at Tufts University

This course deals with the Blender software that is used in modeling, animation and 3D rendering. Flash video tutorials can be downloaded from the website. Blender is open source and, therefore, can be downloaded free. The course is split into learning units for beginners followed by intermediate-level units. Students, however, can explore any of the units they wish, in any order and at their own pace. This OCW course doesn't include all the content that was in the original course taught at the university.

Instructional Games at Utah State University

The course includes a list of readings, some of which can be downloaded for free. Students learn how to design instructional games of their own, and all of the materials needed to complete the optional final game project can be downloaded from the course website.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This course is designed for the novice. Students need to install the free Python software in order to run the .py files found on the website. Video lectures are available, and the course also includes assignments and exams with solutions. Much of the reading for the course is available online; however, several textbooks on Python are suggested or referenced during the lectures.

Lessons Learned: Game Development at Stanford University

This video lecture is the ninth in a series of 23 lectures that explore the gaming industry from an entrepreneur's perspective. This particular lecture looks at the game after it has been developed and encourages the game developer to evaluate it as a customer. The lecturers discuss how often a game should be played and when to release it to the public. Other topics covered by the series include product development, entrepreneurship, organizational structure and how to turn failure into an opportunity.

Practical Programming in C at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This undergraduate class requires some basic knowledge of programming. Downloadable lecture notes are available, and topics include external libraries, debugging and multi-threaded programming. Students may also access optional assignments and final project guidelines.

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