List of Free Online HTML Programming Training Programs and Courses

See our list of the top free online HTML programming courses or training programs. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Info on Free Online Training Programs and Courses in HTML Programming

Free online HTML (hypertext markup language) programming options in this article are both OpenCourseWare (OCW) courses and educational tutorials. Many of the OCW courses recommend that participants purchase textbooks and read the corresponding syllabus. Some OCW courses may also require that students meet certain software requirements in order to participate in the course. These software requirements ensure that students taking the course will have access to materials that are presented in a variety of Web formats.

Free HTML Programming Courses

Computer Programming III at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

This free OCW course provides students with the knowledge of Internet programming. It includes topics related directly to HTML programming, such as creating hyperlinks, HTML tags, managing aligning text, working with different fonts and managing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The online training includes assignments, lab exercises, lecture slides in PDF form and sample exams.

HTML Tutorial at Simmons College

Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science offers a free online HTML tutorial that consists of 10 steps. This hands-on training is aimed at individuals who have little-to-no experience in HTML. The student needs to have certain software on his or her computer such as a text editor, FTP (file transfer protocol) program, text-based HTML editor and a Web browser. The site also includes an e-mail address and phone number learners can use if they run into difficulties. Topics covered in this tutorial include links, tags, images and PDF file linking.

HTML Tutorial through BITMA

This free online tutorial teaches individuals how to make Web pages. The training consists of 15 lessons dealing with various aspects of HTML. Students learn about elements and tags, page insertions, tables, CSS and creating links. The tutorial also includes an introductory section that tells learners what to expect and what tools they'll need to design their own Web page.

HTML Tutorial through Refsnes Data

This free tutorial teaches students how to build their own website using HTML. Students are offered various HTML examples they can edit to see what they've learned. Students also have access to several online resources to assist in learning HTML. Topics covered in the tutorial include URL encoding, HTTP messages and tags. This site includes an online HTML editor.

Learn and Apply HTML at Utah State University

This OCW class consists of 11 lessons, and students may also work through 11 corresponding assignments, as well as two writing assignments and a final project. The textbook used for course materials is Sam's Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and XHTML in 21 Days by Laura Lemay, which is optional to purchase. Some of the topics discussed in the course include graphics and multimedia, tables, cascading style sheets, links and basic tags.

Writing HTML Tutorial at Maricopa Community Colleges

Writing HTML is an online tutorial offered through the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction. The course consists of 29 lessons and assignments that can be downloaded and done offline. However, before a student begins the tutorial, he or she must have a basic text editor program. Some of the topics covered in the tutorial include definition lists, headings, alignment, image maps and special characters.

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