List of Free Online Hospitality Courses, Classes and Training Programs

Free online courses in hospitality are offered by real schools. Learn which hospitality courses are available, what topics they cover and which ones lead to real college credit.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT's OpenCourseWare doesn't require users to register and courses do not offer academic credit. How to Develop 'Breakthrough' Products and Services is a graduate level course that teaches students about business innovation and demonstrates concept development methods. Students going into the hospitality industry could use the course to learn useful business practices. Course materials include assignments, readings and lecture notes. The graduate course Listening to the Customer aims to teach students about the customer, the market, general management and customer research methods. Readings include recommended texts, and there are lecture notes for students to read, as well as assignments and downloadable course materials.

University of California - Berkeley

Food Entrepreneurship is a lecture presented by the University of California - Berkeley through YouTube. The video is roughly an hour long and features a variety of panelists speaking about how restaurants can survive in a down economy. Panelists include restaurant founders, owners, company presidents and company partners.

University of California - Irvine (UC-Irvine)

Introduction to Spa and Hospitality Operations seeks to educate users on the administrative, operational and managerial aspects of running a spa. Included are course and lesson overviews. Users will also learn about energy efficiency, insurance, marketing, licenses and inventory control. While this course is available for free online, in order to earn credits through the UC-Irvine, students must register and pay tuition fees.

University of Southern Queensland

Introduction to Tourism is a 14-week course that introduces students to tourism and the tourism system. Students will learn to define tourism, develop tourism, understand global change, evaluate tourist attraction and analyze market segments through assignments and examinations. The course includes 12 study modules and readings, an exam and two assignments.

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