List of Free Online Human Biology Courses and Classes

See our list of top free online human biology courses. Learn about what courses are available, what topics they cover and whether you can use them to get college credit.

Info on Free Online Courses in Human Biology

While none of the courses, modules and resources on the following list offer academic credit, they do cover a variety of topics ranging from human reproductive biology, fundamentals of biology and genetics to molecular biology and evolution. Course materials include slideshows, lecture notes and optional exams and assignments.

African Virtual University

The Evolution Biology module focuses on various forms of life on Earth and how humans have manipulated evolution. It's recommended that students be familiar with chromosome theory, ecology, biostatistics and meiosis. The Macromolecules in Biological System module can help students gain a basic understanding of macromolecular chemistry; topics include proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Introductory and overview videos are available.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Originally designed as an independent study course, Fundamentals of Biology uses videos, learning activities, questions and additional resources to teach students the fundamentals of molecular biology, recombinant DNA and genetics. It's recommended that students have a basic understanding of chemical compounds, atoms and chemical bonds.

Genetics uses lecture notes, problem sets and exams to teach students about genes, biological variation, inherited disease and population genetics. The course also includes previous exams and their answer keys for students to look over. With the graduate-level Human Reproductive Biology course, students learn about fertilization, disorders of fetal development, the menstrual cycle and implantation. Students may complete assignments covering infertility, contraception and male physiology, among other subjects. Other course materials include optional readings and Internet resources.

The Open University

An Introduction to Biological Systematics is an advanced class that deals with macroevolution - the trends of evolution that happen above the species level. Molecular and morphological data is used to examine phylogeny, or the evolutionary relationships of certain organisms. Methods of phylogenetic analysis discussed in the course include cladistics, evolutionary systematics and phenetics. Students can listen to audio clips as well.

University of Arizona

The Blackett Family DNA Activity resource is a family DNA profile done using RFLP analysis by a DNA analyst. Besides learning about the process, this resource briefly covers DNA profiling, DNA markers and autoradiogram interpretation. Users can answer questions, complete activities and access related websites.

University of Nottingham

With the proper software, online courses at the University of Nottingham offer slideshows, with audio, and other resources. The Anatomy of the Kidneys is intended for pre-registration nursing students looking to learn about the internal and external anatomy of the kidneys, in addition to the anatomy of corpuscles and nephrons. The Physiology of the Kidneys teaches students how the kidneys filter blood, get rid of waste and control body pH. The resource includes a quiz for students to take.

University of Teknologi Malaysia

Cellular and Molecular Biology is offered by the University of Teknologi Malaysia and helps students comprehend cell biology, DNA transmission, eukaryotic genetics and genetic engineering. Students learn through PDF lecture notes and images.

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