List of Free Online Italian Courses and Lessons

Learn Italian with these free online courses and lessons. See the full list of free Italian courses, learn what's covered and find the course that is right for you.

Free Online Course Info and Requirements

Online Italian lessons typically offer a combination of self-paced video, audio and printed materials. Students need the appropriate computer software and hardware to access and download course materials and watch or listen to video and audio recordings. These free courses do not offer opportunities for students to interact with instructors or classmates, and students don't earn academic credit.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

BBC language lessons include pronunciations, vocabulary, grammar, tests and activities. Lessons use audio and video and are available in 40 different languages. The Cool Italian lesson teaches Italian slang related to family, friends, emotions, politics, work, health, money and social activity. Included are brief lessons, transcripts, corresponding audio clips, mp3 downloads and notes for acceptable use. Students should be aware that lessons might include profanity.

Italian Quick Fix has a list of featured phrases and their English translations available for download. Students access audio clips of essential Italian phrases appropriate for interacting with others when eating, drinking, traveling and vacationing. Transcripts of the nine Talk Italian lessons are also available for download. Video lessons show students how to speak Italian in certain environments, such as restaurants, retail stores and various social situations.

Oggi E Domani

This interactive course for learning Italian was developed by Fabio Girelli-Carasi of Brooklyn College, City University of New York. The development was funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Most of the 20 lessons in Oggi E Domani use audio clips in Italian and English translations in text. Students choose correct answers through a variety of methods, such as fill-in-the blank and multiple-choice. The site includes access to a blog with links to games and other media.

One World Italiano

One World Italiano is part of an Italian language school in Cagliari, Sardinia, called The One World Language Centre. Learners in the free Online Italian Course practice vocabulary and grammar with the assistance of audio clips and text in both Italian and English. Topics such as family, eating in a restaurant, sightseeing and the weather are included in the 37 lesson units.

The Open University

The Open University Italian language courses include activities and assessments. Units may be viewed online, or through alternate formats, such as printing, downloading or RSS feeds. Students learn about the various foods of the region in Explore the Baking and Culture of Europe: Italy, while reading text, viewing photographs and listening to audio clips with the Italian pronunciation of each food. Video clips are accompanied by the full text in either both Italian and English or just English. The speakers in Intermediate Italian: La Famiglia discuss family life and events, while helping listeners practice possessives and past tenses in Italian. Video and audio are featured. This 4-hour unit is geared towards students who already speak some Italian.

University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin's Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning offers a variety of open education resources. Some of the resources are available only to currently enrolled students, but many are available free of cost to the public. Radio Arlecchino is a group of 22 audio podcast episodes that tell stories of the antics of Italian characters while teaching Italian language lessons. Transcripts of the episodes are available in Italian with the English translation and also include information about Italian language, grammar, conversational skills and culture.

University of Toronto - Mississauga

The Multimedia Centre for Learning in the Humanities at the University of Toronto - Mississauga offers free access to an Italian an online companion to a 2-semester Italian language course, Italian 100Y. There are mix of 25 lessons and quizzes, which include activities in question/answer format. Toronto also offers free online access to an Introduction to Italian audio textbook and workbook through the university's digital media library. Audio files are separated into chapters, with a separate pronunciation file for each workbook. Students can listen to the lessons and practice pronunciations at their own pace.

University of Vermont

Through its Department of Romance Languages and Linguistics, this university offers several multimedia projects that reinforce the use of the Italian language. Students need some knowledge of Italian to be able to learn from these projects. The four short stories in Classici include images, video and Italian audio files. Exercises that correspond with interviews are available in matching, fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice formats. La Grammatica Italiana lessons and exercises provide practice in parts of speech, like articles, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, negatives and interrogatives. They include general rules of grammar and common exceptions. All 13 lessons are available online.

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