List of Free Online LPN Classes and Educational Materials

See our list of the top free online LPN classes and educational materials. Learn about what classes are available, what topics they cover and whether you can use them to get college credit.

Online Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Courses for Credit

While some free LPN classes listed below can award continuing education credit, these CEUs are generally for nurses already working in the healthcare field. Students who would like to apply the time spent using an online resource towards an entry-level LPN program might want to consider options that can lead to college credit. offers one of the most cost-efficient alternatives to completing traditional courses. For significantly less time and expense than it takes to finish a college class, students can access the Nursing 101: Fundamentals of Nursing course and go on to earn real college credit. Experienced instructors cover relevant healthcare law in addition to nursing best practices. Content is delivered via free lesson transcripts. There are also video lessons and self-assessment quizzes available to registered members. Chapters in this course include:

  • The Profession of Nursing - Learn nurses' functions and roles, steps involved in the nursing process and procedures for maintaining patient records.
  • Legal Aspects of Nursing - Find out what legal terms apply to the nursing field and discover the implications of the Nurse Practice Acts.

List of Free Online LPN Classes and Educational Materials

Fundamentals of Nursing from the College of Southern Maryland

The College of Southern Maryland offers a free online class that teaches various nursing fundamentals. This course consists of 19 video lectures that can be viewed via YouTube. Some of the course topics include sterile gloving, dressing change, tube insertion and parental medication.

Medical Terminology from Des Moines University

Students can learn up to 300 medical terms through this mini-class. Participants learn human anatomy terminology, such as the proper medical names for digestive, circulatory, nervous, reproductive, urinary, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems. They also learn terms commonly associated with cancer and standard over-the-counter medications. Students who wish to have a certificate can register and pay for a certificate of participation upon completing the course.

Principles of Human Nutrition from Johns Hopkins University

Principles of Human Nutrition looks at the ways in which nutrition can affect health, physiology and disease in humans. Common class topics include energy homeostasis, obesity, lipids, malnutrition, amino acids, antioxidants and dietary supplements. Although the slide presentations and lectures are available free online, the required and recommended textbooks must be purchased separately.

Nursing Skills from Lincoln Land Community College

This free online nursing course is available to students as a YouTube video. Consisting of 8 video lectures, this class delves into various issues pertinent to the nursing profession. Topics covered include central line dressing and connector change, catheterization, initiation and discontinuation of intravenous therapy, intramuscular injection, sterile gloving and injecting insulin.

Improving Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning from

This online class can be utilized by LPNs, Certified Nursing Assistants or any individual working in the nursing or medical profession. Students will learn the definition of and develop clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills. The text-only lesson also features a multiple-choice quiz.

Nursing Informatics and the Future of the Healthcare Workforce from

This online educational material is a free webinar for students to understand the correlation between workforce matters and technology. The nearly 80-minute video instructs nurses on informatics and the role that technology plays in the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report. After viewing the video, nurses can print a continuing education certificate after taking a test.

Online Tutorial for NCLEX Examination from Pearson Vue

Pearson Vue, the organization that administers the licensing examinations for nurses, offers a free online tutorial to help prepare aspiring nurses for their exam. The tutorial can be downloaded as a PDF file. It offers information on what the test entails and what to expect when taking the test.

Advanced Emergency Trauma from the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan offers this free class designed to help medical professionals improve on providing emergency care to patients. The course includes didactic educational materials that can be downloaded into a ZIP file. The 20 lectures can be viewed through Microsoft PowerPoint of downloaded as a PDF.

Patient Communication Skills from the University of Michigan

This free course from the University of Michigan helps aspiring healthcare professionals with patient communication skills. This program, originally aimed at dental students, teaches communication techniques that can be used by anyone working in healthcare. Through performance keys and videos, learners study topics such as cross-cultural patient communication, listening skills, patient interaction, patient interviewing and telephone skills. All materials for this course are available for free download.

Nursing from Villanova University

These 19 lecture videos range in subject matter from how to improve the care provided to older patients to tactics to develop the health for newborns and women internationally. The videos range from 6 minutes to nearly 90 minutes.

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