List of Free Online Logistics Courses and Classes

See our list of the top free online logistics courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Online Logistics Courses for Credit

Courses on logistics are available online that don't require registration or tuition, but they also don't lead to college credit. Students who want to earn alternative credit for the courses they take online might consider resources that charge a nominal fee in exchange for access to online course materials. These types of courses can prepare students to earn college credit. offers this type of distance learning through its short and engaging video lessons and self-assessment quizzes. There are also free transcripts for the video lessons, both of which can prepare students to earn real college credit. Students who explore the Business 102: Principles of Marketing course can find chapters covering international marketplaces, pricing strategies, promotions and product retailing, in addition to a chapter on supply chain management:

Free Online Non-Credited Logistics Courses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Materials for MIT's open courses vary, but those in this list of graduate-level logistics courses include selected or complete lecture notes, assignments and syllabi. Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods focuses on how to analyze the efficiency of various transportation systems using quantitative methods for operations research. An older edition of the text, Urban Operations Research, is available for free online. Students can also download several quizzes and view the answers, which are stored in separate PDF documents.

Students interested in solving the variety of problems posed in Logistics and Supply Chain Management should have some experience with probability and linear programming. The course delves into models and strategies for resolving issues involved with the logistics of moving multiple products within complex systems. In Logistics Systems, students learn how to develop integrated supply chains and logistics systems through a variety of techniques, approaches and analytic tools. Students need Microsoft Excel for this course to work with spreadsheets.

Management of Supply Networks for Products and Services was originally a course restricted to Sloan School of Management fellows. This course examines a variety of models and techniques for making businesses more competitive, focusing on common problems faced by managers of extensive supply chains. In Manufacturing System and Supply Chain Design, students learn system-design problem-solving skills and models as applied to creating logistics networks. Emphasis is placed on opportunities that have arisen through e-commerce and the Internet.

Operations Strategy examines the web of relationships between product manufacturers and service providers, competing companies, suppliers and customers. Supplementing the lecture notes, readings and study questions are designed to help students make strategic decisions about operations concerns, including logistics systems. Students in Systems Optimization: Models and Computation learn how to use computerized optimization models to make complex logistics decisions. Assignments include a variety of model and computation problems.

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