List of Free Online Phlebotomy Courses and Educational Materials

See our list of the top free online phlebotomy courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Online Course Information

Learners should note that free online materials do not award university credit or grades to students who complete them. Regulation of phlebotomists varies by state, but credentialing usually requires completion of a formal training program and an exam. While the free learning materials outlined below may overlap with information found in formal training courses, they don't prepare learners to work as phlebotomists.

Online phlebotomy courses and materials can include quizzes, outlines, lecture notes and videos. Multimedia players and document readers are required in order to open some of these files.

Free Online Phlebotomy Course List

Arterial Puncture at Loyola University - Chicago

Loyola University - Chicago's online resource outlines steps for arterial puncture through illustrated notes and a procedural video. A multiple choice quiz is also included. Students can learn about syringe prep, patient care procedures and potential complications.

Blood Collection Tube Top Colors at Austin Community College

This tutorial from Austin Community College looks at the methods used for color-coding blood collection test tubes. Via web descriptions and illustrations, students can learn how to prevent sample contamination by filling tubes in the correct order. They also identify which colors are associated with which blood tests and additives.

Infection Prevention at EngenderHealth

This reproductive health organization offers a free online brochure for healthcare providers at risk of exposure to infectious diseases. Readers can explore effective prevention methods, such as proper instrument disposal and decontamination, hand hygiene and the use of antiseptics. The brochure is available as a PDF file.

LabNotes at BD Diagnostics

LabNotes are educational materials designed for healthcare professionals who handle lab specimens. Available newsletters focus on job safety and best practices. Topics of study include capillary blood collection techniques and methods for choosing blood specimen types.

Medical Terminology at Des Moines University

Des Moines University's course covers medical terms associated with the musculoskeletal, reproductive, respiratory, digestive, urinary, nervous and circulatory systems. A quiz is included at the end of the course, and students who opt to register and pay a fee receive a certificate of participation.

Patient Communication Skills at the University of Michigan

Although originally geared toward dental students, this course could also prove helpful to other healthcare workers. A series of videos and handouts allows students to learn about patient interaction, cross-cultural patient communication and patient interviewing techniques.

Phlebotomy at Dalhousie University

This free online video offers an overview of what a phlebotomist's job entails. Topics include collection sites and necessary equipment, contraindications, indications and potential complications.

Phlebotomy Tutorial at the University of Utah

This tutorial from the University of Utah looks at basic venipuncture procedures. Topical outlines are accompanied by illustrations covering such topics as order of draw, sample labeling, patient identification, safety and quality assurance.

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