List of Free Online Probability Courses and Tutorials

See our list of free online tutorials and courses in probability. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Info on Free Online Courses and Tutorials on Probability

There are many free online tutorials and courses on probability available on the Web, often offered through universities' OpenCourseWare (OCW) projects. This article provides an overview of a few such resources. Courses discussed in this article cannot be taken for credit.

Free Online Probability Courses and Tutorials

Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This OCW class considers the analysis and modeling of random processes and phenomena. It also looks at fundamental statistical inference. The course was originally offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students can access video lectures, quizzes and exams with solutions, problem sets with solutions and tutorials. Reading assignments are from a textbook that would need to be purchased separately; selections are matched with the corresponding lecture.

Fundamentals of Probability at MIT

This graduate-level course covers probability fundamentals, such as limit theorems, expectation, random variables and sample space. Other topics include multivariate Gaussian distributions and measure theory. Lectures, recitations, assignments without solutions and exams without solutions are available as PDF files.

Introduction to Probability and Statistics at MIT

This basic undergraduate statistics course covers topics like simple probability models, discrete and continuous probability distributions, linear regression and confidence intervals. Lecture notes, class assignments and exams can be downloaded as PDF files. Solutions are provided for the exams.

Probability at the Khan Academy

The Khan Academy presents a series of videos on probability. Users should have a background in basic algebra. These videos explore combinations, permutations, binomial distributions, the Poisson process and dependent probability.

Probability and Random Variables at MIT

This advanced undergraduate probability course was originally taught in the spring of 2011. Topics covered include permutations, coefficients, conditional probabilities, variance, expectation of sums and covariance. Course materials provided to OCW users include lectures, assignments and exams with solutions. The textbook is not provided; students may buy or borrow it themselves. Students should understand multivariable calculus before taking this course.

Probability and Statistics at African Virtual University

This OCW class has three units: probability distributions and descriptive statistics; test distributions and random variables; and probability theory. A video overview of the course is available, and students can download all course materials as Word or PDF files. The student needs to have wxMaxima installed on his or her computer in order to practice algebraic concepts; that program can be downloaded for free.

Probability and Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University

This OCW course is made up of four units: exploratory data analysis, producing data, probability and inference. Each unit has a number of modules of explanatory text. Other course materials include StatTutor labs, interactive learning exercises, comprehensive tests, case studies and simulations. Students should have knowledge of basic algebra before attempting this free course. The optional activities require the user to have Minitab or Excel installed on his or her computer. Students are asked to register but can access the course without logging in.

Probability and Statistics at University of California - Berkeley

The University of California - Berkeley posted 34 videos from its statistics and probability introductory course on YouTube; each video runs approximately 40-50 minutes. This course is tailored to students with a math background looking to learn the basic concepts of probability. Some of the topics covered include estimation, testing hypotheses, expectation, random variables, discrete probability and relative frequencies.

Sets, Counting and Probability at Harvard Extension School

A series of lectures by Paul G. Bamberg, a lecturer at Harvard, covers topics that include intuition and axioms, DeMorgan's laws, inclusion-exclusion, conditional probability, random variables and inequality. The user may watch Quicktime or Flash videos or listen to audio mp3 files. Students are also provided with lecture outlines and problem sets.

Theory of Probability at MIT

This is a graduate-level course covering random variables, Kolmogorov's theorem and large number laws. Other topics include Lindeberg's theorem of central limit, conditional expectation, uniform integrability, Lipschitz functions and Skorohod's imbedding. Lecture notes and assignments are included as PDF files.

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