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Info on Free Online Educational Materials, Classes and Courses in Radiography

Many radiology departments of universities offer online tutorials in radiography and sample radiographs for study. The following list is just a selection of the available material. None of the resources below result in credits being awarded if the student finishes the tutorial or reads the educational materials.

Free Online Radiography Course List

Department of Radiology Teaching Files at the University of Colorado (UC) Denver

UC Denver's Department of Radiology provides images and discussions of selected cases for student use. Breast ultrasound, thoracic radiology and neuroradiology (spine, head, neck and brain) teaching files are available with limited accompanying clinical details. These free teaching cases present images and diagnoses on separate pages so that students can review course materials, and then self-test.

Interactive CT Sinus Anatomy at the University of Washington

This free online tutorial looks at computed tomography (CT) images of the sinuses. The students will learn the normal anatomy of the sinuses, along with variants. The interactive modules allow students to scroll over a picture of the sinuses and see the CT image. The tutorial ends with a self-quiz.

Introduction to Radiology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine

The site offers a series of self-directed tutorials for medical students and residents. Tutorials teach students how to perform the procedure and evaluate the radiographs. The tutorials cover thoracic, abdominal and musculoskeletal radiographs, among other topics.

Lieberman's Classics Collection in Radiology at Harvard University

This collection of radiological images of different abnormalities is searchable and is categorized by pathology and anatomy. It can be used as a resource by residents and interns. The free online collection includes images of aberrant air, breasts, chests and foreign bodies, as well as gastrointestinal and oncology images.

Lieberman's Interactive Tutorials in Radiology at Harvard University

This site has tutorials in radiologic images acquired using methods such as nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and CT. There are images of the abdomen, chest, musculoskeletal system, neck and head, along with quizzes with answers. The files are large and take time to download but have voiceovers of the material presented. Users will need Flash Player on their computers to view the files.

Lieberman's Learning Lab at Harvard University

This free resource is a set of more than 450 short seminars on the head and neck, and cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, genitourinary, respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. The seminars cover clinical and radiologic characteristics and may be useful to staff, residents and medical students.

Lieberman's Living Anatomy Section at Harvard University

This free resource contains two mini seminars of an MRI atlas of the abdomen and chest anatomy. These are large, PowerPoint files that take time to download.

Musculoskeletal Radiology at the University of Washington

This online book discusses differential diagnosis - how to diagnosis a condition from a variety of conditions that have the same symptoms or signs. The book considers various conditions, such as arthritis, soft tissue calcifications, fractures and skeletal dysplasias. For each condition, it discusses various diagnoses and, along with radiographs, comes to a decision on the correct diagnosis.

Ok Doctor, Which Radiology Tests Should You Order? at the Indiana University School of Medicine

This online resource includes 11 clinical scenarios. Students can access this lesson by clicking, 'Tutorial: What to order when' after entering the university's homepage. The student is presented with a patient's history and physical exam results and is asked for possible diagnoses and if additional tests are needed. The tutorial includes radiographs and a summary of the case.

Tibial Plateau Fractures at the University of Washington

This is a web-based tutorial that teaches the student about tibial plateau fractures (injuries to the knee) and Schatzker Classification. The free tutorial includes CT images and a 3D virtual reality view requiring Apple QuickTime software.

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