List of Free Online Sales and Marketing Management Courses

See our list of the top free online sales and marketing management courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the class that's right for you.

Online Sales and Marketing Management Courses for Credit

In general, free online courses don't offer college credit. Students who want to pursue a college degree might want to look for online courses that have the option to earn credit. These courses typically charge a nominal fee, much less than what students would pay for it through a traditional college program.'s Business 102: Principles of Marketing course offers an affordable and effectual path to college credit. Any student can access the free transcripts for the lessons in this course, but registered members get more in-depth training through the engaging video lessons taught by marketing and sales professionals. Chapters in this marketing course include:

Free Online Non-Credited Sales and Marketing Management Courses

These free online courses don't require students to enroll or register, but they also don't typically award any college credit. Students may need to obtain special software, such as document readers or media players, in order to access course materials.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Identifying Your Sales Strategy includes discussions on client needs, product/service differentiation, targeting and sales talent acquisition. A slide presentation with audio guides the student through sales forecasting, budgeting and presentation skills. Challenges to an effective sales strategy, such as budget constraints and lack of resources, are also addressed. No textbooks are required.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In the Data Mining course, marketing students learn how to use data about customer buying patterns and relationships. Students can access selected lecture notes, as well as assignments and exam questions, but not the answers. No textbook is required, but students may want to purchase suggested supplemental readings.

Marketing Management is an introduction to the four P's of marketing: product, price, promotion and place. Case studies are mixed with discussions of branding, pricing, targeting, advertising and competition. Students have access to lecture notes and case studies of marketing strategies at various companies. A textbook must be purchased in order to gain full advantage of this course.

Marketing Strategy is geared toward students interested in pursuing careers in business consulting, analysis or investment. Students can download selected lecture notes as PDF documents. Course assignments with discussion questions based on the lectures are also available.

The Open University

Marketing Communications as a Strategic Function is a 6-hour graduate course that covers how an organization communicates with its clients. Through written lessons and examples of real-life situations, students learn various techniques for marketing and how to gauge their effectiveness. No textbook or additional reading is required.

Students with a background in marketing can benefit from The Market-Led Organisation, which looks at target audiences, market orientation and managing key relationships. The advanced course consists of lesson transcripts, many with illustrations. Students also can engage in activities to increase their understanding.

Students in the advanced Social Marketing course look at the role of marketing in the promotion of social goals. Lessons are provided, and some contain activities and illustrations. Study questions at the end of the unit help students evaluate what they've learned. No textbook is required.


Marketing 101: The Fundamentals teaches the basic principles of marketing, including how to pinpoint a potential audience and create a marketing plan. The course provides over 150 audio slides that can be accessed through a media player. The Positioning Master Class addresses how to reach the right customers for a product or service. The course stresses the importance of getting inside the mind of the target customer to help close the sale. This class also features audio-guided slides and provides over 100 lessons. Students don't need to purchase textbooks or additional course materials for either of these courses.

University of California - Irvine

The Elevator Pitch is a 43-minute lecture that teaches students how to present informative and succinct sales pitches. It updates the old formula of time spent in an elevator to today's electronic technology. Students will learn how to summarize their proposition and state what makes their product different from the competition. No textbook or other course materials are required.

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