List of Free Online Technical Writing Courses and Training Programs

Learn technical writing with these free online courses and training programs. See the full list of free technical writing courses and find the course that's right for you.

Technical Writing Courses for Credit Online

Students won't earn college credit with free online technical writing courses. When you're ready to prepare for credit by exam,'s low membership fee gives you access to a library of online video lessons targeted to the exam. People who want to study technical writing can use these classes:

Free Online Non-Credit Technical Writing Courses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Most of the courses offered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are at the undergraduate level. However, the school does offer one advanced technical writing course that is appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate students. Most courses include free lecture notes, exams and assignments. Students do not receive credits for these courses, and they do not need to formally register to take courses through the school's OpenCourseWare program.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers three free online technical writing courses. Novice technical writers may want to check out the Intro to Tech Communication course. This class will introduce students to basic technical writing techniques and processes. The course also addresses intercultural communication. Students may also explore the school's Introduction to Technical Communication: Explorations in Scientific and Technical Writing class. Here, students will hone their technical writing skills and learn how to create effective documents. The course is focused on developing technical writing skills and comparing them to standard writing skills. Finally, the school offers an Advanced Workshop in Writing for Science and Engineering (ELS) course designed for experienced technical writers. This course approaches both effective writing and oral communication techniques that students can use in a professional setting.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Aspiring technical writers will also find two free online non-credit courses offered by the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Professional and Technical Editing is an introductory seminar that is designed to help students learn technical editing strategies. The course will cover a range of different types of editing techniques and includes approaches to project management and electronic editing. Technical Writing is an advanced course in different aspects of technical writing. This course focuses on skills like drafting technical letters and memos, technical jargon and interpersonal interaction. The school presents courses in a series of video lectures that students can download directly from the course websites. Course materials do not include assignments or a reading list.

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