List of Free Online Typing Courses and Practice Programs

Learn about typing with these free online courses. See the full list of free courses that teach typing skills and find the course that's right for you.

Typing Courses and Training Info

Online typing courses help individuals learn how to type or improve their existing typing skills and speed by showing them where their fingers go and teaching them proper typing technique. The following list is a combination of tutorials, videos and lessons, none of which offer academic credit.

In order to take the full Free Online Typing Course at, users must provide their email address and a password. The lessons will instruct students on keyboarding fundamentals, show them where to place their fingers on the keyboard and help them improve their typing accuracy and speed.

Kenston Local School District

The Kenston Local School District offers a variety of typing lessons in addition to assignments and tips on proper typing techniques. All the lessons call for users to type the text shown. The Keying Technique session is focused on improving typing speed and capitalization. The Ethics course has users type out paragraphs about manners and being courteous as another way to improve typing control and speed. The Master Keyboarding lesson requires users to keep their eyes on the monitor instead of their fingers as they type.

Lee's Summit R7 School District

While all of the courses offered by Lee's Summit school district are not intended solely for online use, many of them can be adapted. They are written for an instructor's perspective to outline exercises and techniques that will help improve typing skills. Alphabet Typists challenges users to type out the alphabet as quickly as possible with their eyes closed. Those who want to practice spelling out long words will want to take a look at Dino Endurance, where users have to keep their eyes on the monitor and spell out the names of dinosaurs without hesitation. No View instructs students to master the position of keys by turning off their monitors and keeping their eyes off of their hands.

Typing Web

While not necessary to take courses, signing up at Typing Web with a username and password allows users to track their progress and access more content. Typing Web offers numerous courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced typists. In the advanced Accuracy Drills course, users type paragraphs that contain every letter of the alphabet, as well as many numbers and symbols.

The Californian's Tale has users retype a passage from Mark Twain as the computer keeps track of their typing accuracy, what letters they miss and how many words are typed each minute. Other premium lessons in this category include retyping passages from Shakespeare and doing different 'workouts' for fingers.

Wichita State University

The Typing/Keyboard Tutorial offered by Wichita State University is intended for those who would like to improve their typing abilities. The main page features a ten-minute basic keyboarding video along with a keyboard fingering chart and links to other typing tutorials and games.

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