List of Free Online Ultrasound Courses

Free online ultrasound courses and tutorials are offered by real schools and professional institutions. Learn which ultrasound courses are available, what topics they cover and which ones lead to real college credit.

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The free online ultrasound courses and tutorials listed below can lead to continuing medical education (CME) credits. These credits are obtained by successfully passing an exam. Fees may also be required. While students will not have access to laboratory equipment or physical classroom resources, students can obtain career skills from these informative sources.

Institute for Advanced Medical Education

The Institute for Advanced Medical Evaluation offers a number of free specialized online courses for students interested in advancing their careers in the medical field. Ultrasound images are provided for students in the Sonographic Evaluation of Ectopic Pregnancies course. Students learn about risk factors, treatment and management of ectopic pregnancies through a series of sonographic images. The T.I.P.S. Imaging online course provides information on detecting liver diseases by performing vascular ultrasounds using a T.I.P.S (trans-jugular intra-hepatic porto-systemic shunt) device. Students can learn about shunt stenosis and shunt occlusion through ultrasound images.

GE Healthcare

Pupils interested in learning about gynecological ultrasound usage can delve into the topic in Three-Dimensional Ultrasound in Gynecology: Where is it Applicable?. Images are provided so students can see examples of gynecological ultrasound usage. Course topics include techniques and applications, uterus evaluation, 3-D ultrasounds of non-gynecological organs and sonohysterography.

Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute

The Clinically Relevant Carotid Duplex/Color Ultrasound Exam prepares students to take the accompanying exam thought the study of images of the arteries taken from a carotid duplex examination. Upon completion, students will have read about scan protocols for carotid duplex/color ultrasounds, plaque characteristics and normal image characteristics of surrounding body parts.

Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine

The Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine provides online tutorials through full-text articles for students interested in ultrasound technology. Use of Multiplanar 3-Dimensional Ultrasonography for Prenatal Sex Identification surveys how 3-D ultrasound technology can be used in the second trimester to determine fetal sex in comparison to 2-D ultrasound technology. Students can also learn about how early sex identification in ultrasound imaging can lead to better prenatal care. Detection of Tumor-Associated Neoangiogenesis by Doppler Ultrasonography During Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer in Laying Hens examines the possibility of noninvasive detection of tumor-associate neoangiogenesis in animals by using Doppler ultrasonography technology. Students can also learn how researchers hope to apply the findings to humans. Prenatal Sonographic Detection of Birth Defects in 18 Hospitals from South America evaluates the effectiveness of prenatal imaging diagnoses for birth defects. Clinical examples are included, as well as information on data collection and a discussion of findings.

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