List of Free Online Upholstery Lessons and Classes

See our list of the top free online upholstery classes and lessons. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Info on Free Online Lessons and Classes in Upholstery

The free upholstery lessons on the Internet are often offered by upholstering companies. They're usually presented in video format, although some are text lessons. None of the lessons confer academic credit.

Free Online Upholstery Lessons and Classes

Diamond Tufting 101 from Apartment Therapy

This lesson includes a photo slideshow and written instructions for creating diamond patterns with pleats between buttons. The instructions are not listed with the corresponding pictures in the slideshow, so students may want to print out the instructions to make the tutorial less difficult to follow. The lesson includes a supply list for a sample button-tufted footstool project.

How to Articles from Carr's Corner

The reader will learn fundamental information needed to upholster various items. The lessons include a basic upholstering primer, methods of tying strings, constructing a channel back and instruction for self-welting. The reader learns about foam, stuffing and yardage. There are also lessons on covering a restaurant booth and making a headboard. Depending on the lesson, individuals can view photos along with written instructions.

Upholstery Basics from Eisenberg Upholstery

For users who want an introduction to upholstery, this site provides free instructional videos that show how to select upholstery tools and materials. It demonstrates methods for upholstering dining chairs and making boxed welted cushions. Written tips correspond with the video lessons.

Upholstering or Reupholstering a Chair from Upholster Magazine Online

In this free lesson, readers are instructed on upholstering a tight seat chair. They also learn how to use ply-grip and nail tack strips. This tutorial is presented via text and pictures. It also provides a link to a basic cutting and sewing lesson.

Upholstery Videos from DIY Upholstery

This site offers a series of free online videos on how to upholster a chair and use various tools and machines. The user is offered comprehensive instructions through 10 videos.

Upholstery Video Class from YouTube

This YouTube video demonstrates upholstery fundamentals with instructions for upholstering a dining room chair. The 6-minute video is narrated and illustrated by a professional upholsterer and posted by Upholster Magazine.

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