List of Free Plumbing Courses and Classes

See our list of free plumbing courses and classes. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Info on Free Plumbing Courses and Classes

A good source for free plumbing courses is online through the websites of hardware stores and television shows on home renovation. This article features a selection of free courses. None of the classes in this article confer an academic credit.

Free Plumbing Courses and Classes

Bath Videos at Home Depot

Various videos on plumbing-related topics are available from Home Depot by finding the videos listed to the left under 'Bath' and clicking on the preferred tutorial. Topics covered include plumbing basics, fixing a leaky shower, repairing a toilet and replacing a bathtub spout.

Essentials of Plumbing by U.S. Army Engineering School, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

This tutorial is composed of five units, starting with how to use takeoff lists, symbols and legends, then going on to cover the installation of water supply and waste systems. It also discusses plumbing fixtures installation and ends with plumbing repair and maintenance. Each unit is broken down into smaller sections. With the detail of instruction geared for apprentice and professional plumbers, these may not be suited for the reader looking to simply peruse the info.

Home Maintenance and Repair at Michigan State University

This site lists a variety of home maintenance resources, including plumbing instruction by scrolling down to the plumbing header. The plumbing section includes instructions and information for a large assortment of common plumbing problems, such as vacation home winterizing, fixing slow-emptying lavatories and thawing frozen pipes. There is also information about plumbing repair tools and repairing a leaking faucet. These tutorials include step-by-step instructions and strive to b be user-friendly.

How to Replace a Toilet by Ron Hazelton

Ron Hazelton hosts his own television show on home improvement, besides offering instruction through this website. This tutorial shows the viewer how to install a vitreous china toilet. The user is provided with a list of items needed and a complete video. Alternatively, the user may view a series of videos, one for each step.

How to Replace and Install a Kitchen Sink by Lowes

This is a step-by-step tutorial showing the viewer how to install a kitchen sink. The skill level of this project is intermediate. The video defines two common types of sinks and includes a listing of the tools and materials needed to complete the project.

How to Solder Copper Pipe by This Old House

The magazine, This Old House, also provides video instruction on home maintenance on this website. This close to four-minute tutorial on soldering pipe includes tips and demonstrations. Besides the video, the site page also has step-by-step written instruction.

Instructional Videos by Roto-Rooter

The Roto-Rooter website has six videos available about the maintenance of home plumbing. The videos include home and Thanksgiving plumbing tips, winterizing tips, home safety for seniors and high-technology plumbing. The videos range from about one-three minutes long.

Plumbing in Your Home by Roto-Rooter

Roto-Rooter also offers tips, tricks and instructions for handling basic plumbing repairs around the home. The bathroom section explains showerhead maintenance, testing a toilet for leaks and cleaning an aerator. The kitchen section discusses how to clean and fix your garbage disposal, while the basement link provides information on water heaters, including how to find the main shutoff valve and annual maintenance.

Plumbing Projects by Home Depot

This site provides lessons in tub and shower drains, everyday plumbing, fixing faucets and replacing and fixing toilets. The format of the lessons is text with accompanying pictures. Tutorials start with a description of the project, things to do before beginning and tools needed. The reader is taken through each task step-by-step.

Plumbing Tutorials at Easy2DIY.

This site offers hundreds of tutorials on numerous home repair and home improvement projects. Categories include bathroom, basement, kitchen and many others. After clicking on the category, one only has to page down to find the plumbing-related tutorials available. For example, under 'Bathroom,' one can find over 25 different tutorials about various products and projects.

Repairing Faucets and Valves by Ace Hardware

This tutorial discusses washerless and washer-type faucets. Besides going into how to repair faucets that have a washer, this online class also instructs how to repair a noisy faucet. Next, the tutorial discusses shower and bath faucets with washers. Other types of faucets are discussed, including diaphragm- and disc-type, single-lever ball-type and cartridge faucets.

Working with Copper Pipe by Ace Hardware

This class covers the different types of copper pipe and copper pipe fittings. It also goes over cutting copper pipe and sweating a copper pipe joint. Lastly, the tutorial discusses mending a copper pipe and connecting metal pipes and copper pipes. The tutorial format features text with illustrations.

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