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See our list of the top free online tourism courses. Learn what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

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Full-length, free online tourism courses aren't common. Instead, students might need to turn to single podcasts or lectures for training. Individuals who make use of the following resources won't be able to earn course credit, but this type of training can be accessed at any time and completed at one's own pace.

Free Online Tourism Class List

Customer Preferences for Restaurant Technology Innovations at Cornell University

This course, delivered in the form of a podcast, covers topics in tracking customer reactions and incorporating Internet-based services. It also describes payment-based service innovations and technology-based notification systems.

The Drivers of Loyalty Program Success: An Organizing Framework and Research Agenda at Cornell University

This audio podcast provides insight on tiered loyalty programs, reward redemption, customer reactions to related programs and tier demarcations. An article that corresponds to the lecture is also available for download.

How Travelers Use Online and Social Media Channels to Make Hotel-Choice Decisions at Cornell University

This session explains how social media has changed the way people decide how to travel and where to stay. The podcast also covers how travel and hospitality companies have adapted to the rise of social media services by attempting to interact with their customers. Supporting documents are also available.

The Grand Tour of Europe at Gresham College

This lecture looks at the social and cultural relationship of Europe and Britain. The lecturer explains what a Grand Tour was and how it set the stage for the concept of traveling solely for enjoyment. The lecture also looks at people who took the Grand Tour and what countries they might have visited. Students can listen to the lecture or read a transcript using their Web browser.

Environmental Management of International Tourism Development: Lecture 1 at Harvard University Extension School

This is the only lecture available for free through this course. Other course lectures require students to be enrolled at Harvard University. This lecture is presented as a video with a PowerPoint presentation that highlights key topics. Topics presented during this lecture include tourism industry overviews, related disciplinary perspectives, tourism statistics, tourism's role in the developing world and tourism economics.

Global Tourism Issues at the National Open University of Nigeria

The lessons in this course cover topics including social impacts, tourism marketing, sustainable development, tourism strategies, empirical market segmentation and ethical considerations. The .PDF file, which is just over 300 pages, contains 5 modules and 20 units; there is no access to exams, assignments or other cited reference materials.

Hospitality and Tourism Management at the National Open University of Nigeria

This 15-unit course covers topics in world geography, transportation methods, computer reservation systems, travel agent roles, hotel and service classifications, labor relations, administration procedures and pricing systems. The .PDF files for this course contain reading materials and assessment exercises, but no additional resources.

Tourism as an Industry at the National Open University of Nigeria

This course covers tourism regulations, constituents of tourism organizations, supply-related problems and tourism system demands. The 67-page .PDF file is broken into 5 units and contains several diagrams along with the text.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Lecture: David Neeleman at Stanford University

This series of short videos features David Neeleman, the founder of JetBlue. Individual segments are separated according to topic. While watching these videos, students can learn about the history of the travel industry, the customer experience, customer feedback, competition, pricing and strategy execution.

Spa and Hospitality Operations at the University of California - Irvine

This course focuses on administrative and operational aspects of managing a private club or a spa in the hospitality and tourism industry. The materials include summaries of 9 areas and a case study. Topics include human resources in spa operations, as well as software evaluation, revenue generation and compensation. This course can also be taken for credit through the University of California-Irvine for a fee.

Introduction to Tourism at the University of Southern Queensland

Elements of the tourism system, travel motivations, tourism planning, market segments and the future of tourism are covered in this introductory course. It contains study modules, readings, resources and assessment exercises. Students need to have Adobe Flash installed on their computer to access some materials. Modules can be viewed with a Web browser or Adobe Reader.

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