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List of Online Business Workshops and Seminars

Several national and worldwide organizations have been created to help businesses succeed, and they make a wealth of free or inexpensive online seminars and workshops available to entrepreneurs. See a list of these resources to find out which resources each offers.

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Where Can You Find Online Business Workshops and Seminars?

Business owners and entrepreneurs can find local, state, national and international training and networking organizations that offer online workshops, seminars and training sessions. This list of organizations provides a sample of some of the places you can find educational and technical resources for your start-up business:

  • International Quality and Productivity Center
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • American Management Association
  • U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Global Entrepreneurship Institute
  • National Business Association
  • eWomen Network
  • The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation


Established in 1964, the SCORE organization offers in-person and Internet-based mentoring and training designed to support and encourage small business owners. With 364 offices across the country, at least one chapter exists in every state. SCORE's more than 12,000 volunteers provide face-to-face interviewing and counseling, live and online seminars, webinars, mediated forums, a monthly newsletter and a wealth of business tools to help individuals start, promote and advance their business endeavors. The organization's online resources cover marketing, management, technology and finance (

International Quality & Productivity Center

International Quality & Productivity Center's (IQPC) worldwide offices give companies opportunities to utilize alternative marketing methods through conferences and sponsored events. Borne from practices utilized by universities since the 1970s IQPC provides networking and creates marketing opportunities through information exchanges, conferences, online seminars and professional speaking engagements (

The Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service offers a free online workshop to educate small businesses on federal tax laws. Professionals may select lessons that apply to their business and return for additional information as their company grows. All companies have tax obligations, and tax laws are often confusing. These online virtual business workshops explain business tax responsibilities in easy and concise lessons ( There is also a collection of free online videos for small businesses. Topics covered include starting a business, auditing, paying taxes, handling business expenses, making changes to a business and handling a disaster.

American Management Association

The American Management Association offers live 3- to 4-day online seminars in business analysis, finance, business writing, customer service, human resources management, accounting, information technology management, interpersonal skills, project management, office support, sales, leadership, marketing and business strategy. Inexpensive 90-minute webinars offered by entrepreneurs, company presidents and seasoned professionals provide lunchtime-learning opportunities to learn about productivity software, mobile devices, stress management, communication skills, human resources management, information technology management, leadership and marketing. Free 1-hour webcasts presented by business executives, founders and leaders offer advice on customer service, technology in business and sales strategies (

U.S. Small Business Administration

The federal government established the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in 1953 to support, aid and educate the country's small businesses. Today, the SBA offers business owners and entrepreneurs free online courses in finance, accounting, planning, customer service, security, franchising, business technology, management, contracting, business development and marketing. There are also some videos that cover business plan writing, business success tips and certification. Additionally, the SBA hosts monthly Q&A sessions, providing answers to questions asked by the business community (

Global Entrepreneurship Institute

A non-profit organization, the Global Entrepreneurship Institute (GEI) provides e-learning, networking and advising to entrepreneurs around the world. Members receive individualized, guided planning and educational resources from business experts. Through the GEI, business owners have access to live lectures and workshops, networking opportunities with potential investors and global seminars for start-up business owners. There's also an online certificate program in global entrepreneurship available, which features lectures and can be completed at any time of day. Some of the topics covered in the program include ethics, social entrepreneurship and corporate governance (

National Business Association

The National Business Association (NBA), another non-profit organization, provides planning and educational resources for the self-employed and small business owner. The NBA offers small businesses Internet marketing abilities by providing free websites to entrepreneurs through its website Additionally, the NBA provides affordable benefit packages to members across the nation (

eWomen Network

Designed to support and encourage women in business, the eWomen Network offers annual conferences and online training on how to optimize businesses online. Providing social networking tools and expert assistance to woman-owned businesses, the organization helps women market their products and services on a global scale. Inexpensive teleconferencing events make business experts available to businesswomen around the country, giving advice on communication, marketing and leadership to help women succeed in business (

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation partnered with the U.S. Commerce Department's International Trade Administration to provide advances in business leadership and the global economy. Online videos featuring speakers such as the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and CEOs of global businesses, including Microsoft, Facebook and NVIDIA, offer leadership and strategic advice to upcoming entrepreneurs. Free 1-hour podcasts may be downloaded or streamed online, where successful business owners and professionals present guidance and lessons on how they were able to grow a profitable company (

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