List of Schools with Free Online Tax Preparation Courses

See our list of the top free online tax preparation courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Info on Schools Offering Tax Preparation Courses Free Online

Schools generally don't offer free online courses in tax preparation, although a school may offer a related course through their OpenCourseWare (OCW). One credible source of free online tutorials in tax preparation is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a state tax department. This article offers a selection of courses from various sources. None of the courses award academic credit to the user.

Free Online Tax Preparation Courses

Business Taxes for the Self-Employed: The Basics by the IRS

This archived webinar video provides information on paying estimated taxes and reporting losses or profits. Record keeping and deductible expenses are also covered. Students will need a video player to view the lesson; however, a PDF version of the video is available through a PowerPoint link.

Creating and Renewing a PTIN Account by the IRS

These sets of free videos are geared towards individuals who want to become tax preparers. A tax preparer needs to have an account in the IRS Tax Professional Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) system, and the first two videos explain how to do this. Two other videos cover PTIN problems and renewals. The last two videos deal with the tax preparer test. There are also links to tax codes and regulations, initial and renewal tax prep applications, continuing education and tax preparer news stories.

Federal Income Tax Brochure by the NAFSA: Association of International Educators

This free brochure provides tax information for advisers in the international education field. It gives guidelines concerning federal income tax responsibilities, such as tax residency determination and what forms to file for international students studying in the U.S. Topics covered include what is income, non-resident alien definition, who must file, tax residency determination, where to file and the length of time to keep photocopies. This resource also provides links to various IRS forms and publications.

Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning at the University of California - Irvine

This free course offers information on preparing taxes if the user clicks on 'Lesson' at the top of the page, then on '10. (Module 3) Taxation'. This module covers the structure of federal income taxes, basic tax formulations, average tax rates, marginal tax brackets and tax planning strategies. The module also contains self-quizzes and exercises.

Get Right with Your Taxes by the IRS

In this video lesson, individuals learn about the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, earned income tax credit and child tax credit. The video, which runs just under 15 minutes, also includes information on filing personal federal income taxes.

Link and Learn Taxes by the IRS

This course is a series of self-paced lessons for individuals who have volunteered to prepare income taxes for the elderly and low-income earners. The free online courses are available at basic, intermediate or advanced levels for the 2011 tax year. There are also military and international tracks where the user can learn tax laws pertaining to the two groups.

Record Keeping Workshop by the Utah State Tax Commission

This is a general tutorial that anyone may benefit from. Modules include accounting methods and periods; why keep records; expenses, income and record organization; what records to keep; and record retention schedules.

Reporting of Employer Healthcare Coverage on Form W-2 by the IRS

In this online course, students learn about the reporting of healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act Provision 9002. This archived webinar video, which includes information relevant to both employers and employees, can be accessed using Adobe Flash or Windows Media Player. A PowerPoint PDF of the presentation can also be accessed.

Small Business/Self Employed Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop by the IRS

Federal tax preparation and planning strategies are covered in this free video course, including the discussion of specialized topics pertinent to home-based businesses. Among the nine lessons, topics include setting up retirement plans for business owners and hiring employees, as well as managing payroll in relation to tax withholdings.

Understanding Utah Individual Income Taxes by the Utah State Tax Commission

This resource provides the user with information on completing an income tax return for Utah. Students can view the information through a series of slides with text and images. The tutorial discusses topics such as what taxes are, why one is taxed, tax laws, what is taxed, how much to pay, how to complete and file a return, as well as refund options and penalties.

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