List of Top Forestry Science Schools and Colleges

Several schools in the nation offer degree programs in forestry science, conservation and resources. Read on to learn about three of these top schools, including their program offerings and national rankings.

School Information

The University of Georgia and the University of Florida in Gainesville both offer degree programs related to forestry science. Both of these schools offer several specializations of study within the field. The University of Georgia provides a doctoral degree in forestry and forest resources, while the University of Florida offers undergraduate programs with majors ranging from park recreation to wildlife ecology.

1. University of Georgia in Athens, GA

School Highlight: This school's forestry and natural resources department houses nearly 100 faculty and staff to facilitate the learning environment.

The Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources has everything from bachelor's degrees to doctorate degrees in forestry and forest resources. Specific specialties are available in forest management, forest biology, forest business, natural resources recreation, wildlife ecology and environmental systems.

2. University of Florida in Gainesville, FL

School Highlight: This school offers five areas of study within its Forest Services and Conservation region.

The University of Florida offers several different majors related to forestry science such as forest resources and conservation, horticultural studies, natural resources and environment, park recreations, plant pathology and wildlife ecology. Some of the classes that can be taken cover subjects like dendrology, natural resource sampling, forest economics and silviculture.

Top Forestry Science Schools

School Name Distinction Location
Michigan State University MSU is located in Michigan, which houses 20 million acres of forest East Lansing, MI
Texas A & M University Students have access to research facilities such as the Ecology and Natural Resources Teaching Area and the Forest Science Laboratory College Station, TX
University of California-Berkeley Students can participate in a Forestry Club, which hosts logging competitions and trips to national forestry conferences Berkeley, CA
University of Wisconsin-Madison The forest and wildlife department conducts research into several distinct areas, such as forest management, forest biology and social forestry Madison, WI

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