Marine Diesel Mechanics Schools and Colleges

A marine diesel mechanic works to repair, service and adjust different components of diesel engines that are designed to function in fresh- or saltwater environments. Some professionals working in the field have the minimum of a high school diploma and have gained skills through on-the-job training. Most employers, however, typically prefer to hire mechanics with some formal training and who have earned a certificate or associate's degree.

How to Select a Marine Diesel Mechanic School or College

Programs in marine diesel mechanics can be found at community and technical colleges. This is typically an undergraduate field of study.

Summary of important considerations:

  • Students should look for training programs designed to offer both classroom and hands-on learning.
  • Prospective diesel mechanics will receive the best training in a program that requires students to apply new skills in assembling, troubleshooting, repairing and working with diesel engines.
  • Schools that offer a choice in degree paths should be given consideration; an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Marine Technology, a Certificate of Training and a Certificate of Competency are common offerings in the marine diesel mechanic industry.

Marine Diesel Mechanic Program Overviews

Marine Diesel Mechanic Certificate Programs

Earning a completion certificate from a marine diesel mechanics program generally takes students about one year. Courses teach students different aspects of diesel engine mechanics, including:

  • Fuel injection systems
  • Marine maintenance
  • Electrical circuits
  • Hydraulics

Certificate programs do not generally include formalized internships, but often have co-op arrangements with local businesses that allow students additional training before entering the workforce. Programs like this typically offer a Certificate of Applied Science or a Certificate of Completion in Diesel Technology.

Marine Diesel Mechanic Associate Degree Programs

An A.A.S. in Marine Diesel Technology may better equip aspiring mechanics for a career in the field. These programs usually take two years to complete and include traditional general education requirements in addition to formalized study of marine diesel mechanics. Students focus on advanced technical study of marine diesel technology, including:

  • Marine electrical circuits
  • Marine power trains
  • Welding in a marine environment

Diagnostic procedures and repair are also emphasized heavily. Some programs also cover preventative maintenance for marine diesel engines and offer students the opportunity to specialize in heavy equipment and transport technology.

10 Schools with Marine Diesel Technology Programs

College/University Institution Type
Cape Fear Community College 2-year, Public
Fletcher Technical Community College 2-year, Public
Tidewater Community College 2-year, Public
Skagit Valley College 2-year, Public
Hawaii Community College 2-year, Public
College of Alameda 2-year, Public
Broward College 2-year, Public
Chattanooga State Community College 2-year, Public
Kingsborough Community College 2-year, Public
Massasoit Community College 2-year, Public

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