Marketing Adult Education Programs: An Overview

Whether you're interested in learning marketing techniques that will help you to promote your business or would like a career in the corporate world, you can find on-campus and online marketing courses and programs for fit your needs. Read about the types of courses and programs available.

Schools and Programs

Education in marketing will help you to grow your own business or enable you to find a career in the corporate world. You can find a wide variety of marketing classes, certificate programs, undergraduate programs and graduate programs offered at adult education centers, community colleges and four-year colleges and universities. Marketing programs at all levels are offered online for those who need a more flexible method of study. Find out more below.

Programs At a Glance

Program Program Length Program Levels Class Format
Individual courses, various topics Roughly 1 month Introductory to advanced Online, on-campus
Certificate in marketing 2 terms Undergraduate Online, on-campus
Associate's degree in marketing 60 credits Undergraduate Online, on-campus
Bachelor's degree in marketing Roughly 120-128 credits Undergraduate Online, on-campus
Master's degree in marketing 36-60 credit hours Graduate Online, on-campus

Individual Courses

Many adult education centers, colleges and universities offer classes in marketing designed to help business owners, freelancers and other professionals learn marketing techniques to improve their current businesses. These classes may be general in nature or may be targeted to a particular type of business, such as marketing your services as a writer or photographer. There are also courses available in online marketing, such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing and pay per click marketing.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are available both for those new to the field and those with marketing work experience. Community college programs last around one year and can prepare graduates to work in sales, wholesaling, retailing and entrepreneurship. You learn about marketing and advertising principles, sales and general business topics, such as accounting, technology and human relations. A cooperative education experience may be incorporated. If you have work experience in marketing, you may pursue an advanced certificate from a university, such as one in digital marketing.

Associate's Degree Programs

If you want to learn marketing more in depth than a certificate program allows, you may want to pursue an associate's degree in marketing. This degree introduces you to the field of marketing, as well as provides relevant information about the business world in general and how it functions. You learn such skills as consumer behavior, business communication, accounting, professional selling strategies, organizational behavior, economics, business law, Internet marketing, and global marketing.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

A bachelor's degree marketing will prepare you to take your place in the corporate world as a fully qualified marketing professional. You gain an in-depth understanding of marketing research, target market and pricing strategies. These programs sometimes include an internship to give you practical business experience and to put what you've learned into practice. A capstone project is also common. In addition to completing a general business curriculum, you might study marketing topics that include Internet marketing, advanced selling, sales management, international marketing, consumer behavior, marketing research, marketing communications, business ethics, and technology marketing.

Master's Degree Programs

A master's degree in marketing prepares you to rise to the very top of the corporate world. A Master of Science in Marketing or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a marketing concentration will enable the marketing professional to reach management or supervisory levels. Some Master of Science programs let you choose a specialization, such as digital marketing, sports marketing or project management. Although each type of program has different requirements, some advanced marketing topics of study include marketing management, brand management, promotions, applied marketing research, marketing ethics, consumer behavior, customer relationship management, marketing strategy, and digital marketing.

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