Master of Business Communication Degree Program Information

Though a specific Master of Business Communication degree is available from very few institutions, students may receive similar training through general communication master's degree programs. The curriculum of a master's degree in communication teaches students about leadership principles, ethics and public relations.

Essential Information

Students pursuing a communication graduate degree must complete original research and a thesis. For those interested in business, many schools allow students in a communication master's program to simultaneously earn graduate degrees in business, such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

  • Program Levels in Business Communication: Master's degree, doctoral degree
  • Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree
  • Other requirements: Completion of research and thesis
  • Business Communication Program Fields: Human resource management, advertising, communications technologies
  • Some Program Specializations Available: Corporate communications management, creative advertising strategies, direct marketing tactics

Master's Degree in Business Communication

Before starting a master's program in communication, students must possess a bachelor's degree. To receive a graduate degree in communication, students study human resource management, advertising and communications technologies. Students also learn basic statistics, research analysis and decision-making. The following courses are commonly included in these programs:

  • Corporate communications management
  • Creative advertising strategies
  • Direct marketing tactics
  • Public relations practice
  • Fundamentals of marketing

Popular Career Options

Individuals with a graduate education in communication may find career options with government bureaucracies, corporations and non-profit organizations. Students might find employment opportunities in one of the following occupations:

  • Marketing consultant
  • Public relations director
  • Advertising researcher
  • Consumer behavior analyst
  • Corporate communications manager

Continuing Education Information

After earning a master's degree in communication students may consider an additional graduate or professional degree in business administration, marketing or finance. A doctoral degree in advertising can lead to employment as an educator, researcher or corporate executive.

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