Masters Degree in Copywriting: Program Information

Though master's degree programs specifically in copywriting are not commonly available, graduate-level copywriting courses can be found within master's degree programs related to advertising, public relations or mass media. These programs provide students with the educational background, practical training and creative skills necessary to develop and execute advertising strategies.

Essential Information

The most common type of master's degree program to offer advanced copywriting courses is a Master of Arts in Advertising. Some master's degree programs in advertising let students select a particular track of study, such as copywriting, art direction or sales. Master's degree candidates should have a bachelor's degree in a related field, such as advertising, public relations, writing, or English.

  • Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree in a related field; satisfactory GRE scores; GPA requirements
  • Copywriting Program Fields: Advertising, Public Relations, Mass Media
  • Some Program Specializations: Copywriting, art direction, sales
  • Other Requirements: Completion of thesis projects; internships

Master's Degree in Copywriting

A copywriting concentration trains students to conceive and create slogans and content for specific products. Students should also learn how to understand market trends, create copy for specific demographics, work with account representatives and art department representatives, edit copy, and create content for online deployment. Most master's degree programs in advertising also require the completion of thesis projects and internship experiences.

The courses in a master's degree program in advertising should provide students with the practical means needed to execute creative ideas. Some examples of courses found in such a program include:

  • Interactive concept development
  • Digital campaigns
  • Script writing
  • Social media
  • Understanding consumer trends
  • Market analysis

Employment Outlook and Salary Info

Professional copywriters are responsible for developing and writing the content for advertisements, commercials and branded properties. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes copywriters under the broader category of writers and authors. Unfortunately, with an expected 3% growth rate, they are projected to have slower than average job growth for the years 2012 through 2022. The BLS reported in May 2014 that all writers and authors earned a mean salary of $67,870.

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