Adult School Programs for Becoming a Media Reporter

Media and news reporters follow leads and write stories for newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet. Good reporters must be persistent, resourceful, and willing to take risks to get the story.

Schools and Programs

Adult school programs for becoming a media reporter vary greatly by specific goals and prior education. For those just looking to start in the field, a court reporter program at an adult learning center might be a decent option, while those who might be more experienced with journalism could potentially find more depth in their potential careers with continuing education programs at a 4-year institution. Numerous certificates are available in related fields, such as social media technologies or digital media & marketing.

Programs At a Glance

Program Program Length Program Level Online Availability
Social Media Marketing Six weeks Certificate Yes
Social Media Technologies & Implementation Eight months Certificate On-campus, online
Digital Media & Marketing Self-paced Certificate Online

Social Media Marketing Program

Social networks have become an integral part of both business and popular culture, and as a result careers and programs have been created, such as the certificate in social media marketing. These programs introduce students to the most popular sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. This program can be completed in as little as six weeks, and students who take this course online learn through multimedia lectures and demonstrations, such as case studies and testimonials.

Social Media Technologies & Implementation Program

Similar to the social media marketing certificate, this program teaches students how to integrate social media into their previously established business practices. This program is ideal for communications and marketing professionals who are looking to stay on top of technology trends, and course content is typically divided into three quarters. An active online presence is typically a prerequisite.

Digital Media & Marketing Program

This program, which can be completed online in a self-paced format, is designed for individuals looking to expand their talents and adapt them for a modern marketplace. Programs of this nature vary in content and instruction, but most are focused on the essential topics of Internet marketing. Because of this, course topics constantly shift to ensure that students are not exposed to outdated information. Staples of this program include content marketing, conversion optimization, and web analytics.

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