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Medical Case Management Classes and Courses Overview

Medical case managers are usually social workers or registered nurses who have attained at least a bachelor's degree, but other licensed health care professionals, such as physical and occupational therapists, can also be employed in this position. Read on for information about common courses and training options for prospective case managers.

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Essential Information

Medical case managers are responsible for overseeing patient care and discharges, providing referrals to community service organizations and acquiring medical equipment and supplies for patients. Becoming a medical case manager generally involves completing a training program, which may culminate in a certificate in medical case management or nursing case management. Though more rare, a few schools do offer bachelor's degrees in medical case management as well. In general, the curricula of certificate and degree programs cover case management techniques for a variety of injuries and/or therapeutic treatment regimens. Graduates may be prepared for certification as case managers through the Commission for Case Manager Certification.

List of Common Courses

Below are some courses for aspiring medical case managers.

Medical Case Management Course

Participants of this course can include licensed counselors, registered nurses and medical doctors. While in training, students gain an understanding of case management environments and models. Case manager roles and statutes are examined. Students develop the ability to ensure that optimum care is received by patients.

Professional Case Management Course

Aspects of this course include teaching students to determine the needs of patients and to implement healing regimens. Course participants will be expected to know how medical ethics relate to professional case management. They must be capable of developing a treatment plan based on the patients' mental, social and health status. Additionally, students will be required to develop written assessments and discharge summaries on patients in their care. The creation of follow-up procedures and referrals will also be mandatory.

Case Management in Nursing Course

Topics of discussion include elements of case management such as care prototypes and purposes. Students will examine different kinds of insurance programs and their effect on health care practices. Participants receive education on case manager associations and the rules governing certification. Upon completion of this course, students will be capable of explaining utilization reviews, along with the ethical and legal concerns of medical case managers.

Delegating Nurse Case Manager Course

This course is ideal for delegating nurses or registered nurses who provide instruction for medical technicians. It includes an exploration of nurse delegation within assisted living facilities. Instruction is also given on medical administration.

Assisted Living Case Manager Course

Registered nurse case managers can benefit from this training program. They will study the function and duties of medical case managers and nurses. The origins of assisted living facilities and programs are explored. They are also trained to differentiate between case and care management.

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