Monroe College Sued by Unemployed Grad

Aug 03, 2009

Monroe College is being sued by a recent graduate who's been unable to find a job since earning her degree. The displeased grad demanded last week that the Bronx school refund her $70,000 tuition. A spokesperson for Monroe College rejected the claim and said the lawsuit is without merit.


Monroe College, a business-oriented school in the Bronx, is being sued by a 27-year-old graduate who has been unable to find gainful employment since earning her bachelor's degree in April. Tina Thompson filed the suit in July after four months of fruitless job searching.

In the suit, the information technology grad alleges that the Monroe College Office of Career Advancement has not made good on its promise to provide job leads and career advice. She is asking Monroe College to refund the $70,000 in tuition that she paid to the school.

The New York Post reports that Thompson currently lives with her mother Carol, a substitute teacher who is the family's only breadwinner. Carol insists that Monroe College is not making any effort to help her daughter and has instead created financial hardship for the family.

'We're going to be homeless, and we'll still have a student loan to pay,' Carol said.

Gary Axelbank, a spokesman for Monroe College, has publicly rejected Thompson's claims.

'The lawsuit is completely without merit,' Axelbank told the Post, claiming that the college is proud of the 'excellent career-development support... provided to each of our students' and stating that case 'does not deserve further consideration.'

Monroe College does advertise a wealth of career services on its website for students and grads. Services include but are not limited to: job search and strategy, resume writing, employer recruitment and placement and interviewing practice.

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