What Are the Growing Career Opportunities in New Jersey?

New Jersey offers many different opportunities to the jobseeker. Read on to learn more about the fastest growing careers in New Jersey.

Where Can I Look for Employment

On the web site you can sign up for job alerts so that you will be notified of the type of jobs you are looking for. You can also post your resume so that employers can find you as well.

What Are The Growth Industries?

Private sector jobs are expected to continue their growth in coming years. Education and Health Services are expected to be amongst the most rapid in growth. Construction and financial services is expected to grow as the population and economy continue to rebound from 9/11.

What Are The Declining Industries?

On the down swing are industries such as manufacturing, information, trade, transportation and utilities. The jobs that are being created are lower paying jobs unlike the white-collar jobs of management. Much of the decline of these industries is blamed on the high cost of health insurance, high taxes, and an unfriendly regulatory environment.

Occupational Projections and Where to Find Them

The educational system in NJ is one of the best in the nation. It is one of the draws of relocation to the state. New Jersey is above average in economic growth, but it is listed as almost last when it comes to helping small businesses. Without a change in policy in regards to business expansion, New Jersey will continue to be left behind as American business look elsewhere for an edge.

Potential Earning Capacity

According to,, the annual median wage for a Food and Beverage Controller living in New Jersey falls between $41,859 and $64,074. Your salary will depend on your skill level and whether you are a laborer or in management.

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