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Nurse Case Manager Course and Class Overviews

Courses in nurse case management, also called care management, are offered as part of many Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs that specialize in healthcare administration, some of which focus primarily on case management. Read on to learn about some of the most common course offerings for nurse case managers.

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Essential Information

MSN programs that focus on healthcare administration and/or nurse case management provide students with leadership skills, as well as knowledge of resources available within the medical community that can improve patient care. Students who enroll in these programs must typically possess a bachelor's degree in nursing and a current, valid nursing license. Aspiring nurse case managers enrolled in MSN programs often complete clinical practicums in addition to traditional coursework.

List of Common Courses

The descriptions below detail the typical curriculum of the most commonly offered courses for aspiring nurse case managers.

Nursing Theory Course

A common part of many MSN programs that focus on case management, this course teaches current nursing theories, as well as the history of their development. Students often analyze and apply various nursing theory models to possible workplace scenarios. Topics are meant to teach students to incorporate theory into their research and clinical practice as nurse case managers.

Research in Nursing Course

Research courses are a typical component of most case management MSN programs. They teach students to integrate knowledge gained from current medical research into their case management practices. Students often examine and discuss research models, using that knowledge to create their own research projects.

Healthcare Administration Course

This course teaches MSN students to apply principles of business and administration to their case management responsibilities. Students are taught data collection, analysis and documentation skills and ways to use these skills to serve the needs of their medical facilities. The format of this course might focus on the study of theoretical administration models, the practical application of these models to case management scenarios or a combination of both.

Legal Issues Management Course

Nurse case managers can be faced with legal dilemmas and decisions as part of their administrative responsibilities. This course teaches MSN students to balance the needs of patients with the legal responsibilities of medical facilities. Some of these courses also include instruction in moral and ethical questions that might be part of legal decisions.

Case Management Course

Many MSN programs include at least one course in nurse case management; however, programs that specialize in case management can offer several. Topics address the role of the nurse case manager in long- and short-term patient care, including the development or revision of patient life care plans. A capstone course in case management can include the evaluation of an existing life care plan and recommendations for improving it.

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