OSHA Forklift Online Test Overview

Certified forklift operators are qualified to operate high lift trucks, forklift trucks, tough terrain trucks, rider trucks, pallet trucks and counterbalanced trucks. Forklift operators are required to take a standardized test in order to become certified, and training and testing may be done online.

What is the OSHA Forklift Online Test?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), part of the U.S. Department of Labor, requires that prospective operators have forklift training. Some organizations offer OSHA-compliant training online for those with forklift operating experience who are interested in becoming certified. This kind of training is suitable for operators who have yet to earn their forklift certification or are looking to renew this credential. After completing some online study from an approved training provider, individuals take an online test for forklift certification. Those who are not yet employed will need to find on-site forklift training, which may be offered through an organization or at vocational schools, trucking schools and equipment rentals.

Topics Covered

Online certification programs and tests will cover the standards that OSHA requires forklift operators to meet. OSHA's forklift training standards require that individuals have knowledge on lift truck safety, forklift operations, operator reporting and power sources for these vehicles. Some skills covered include the ability to steer and maneuver the forklift, operate attachments, use truck controls and instruments and refuel the forklift. Some workplace-related topics include manipulating loads, operating the forklift on various surfaces and dealing with pedestrian traffic and narrow aisles.

Credentials for Passing the Exam

Graduates who complete the training and successfully pass an online certification test receive a wallet certification card, a permit to operate a forklift and a certificate of achievement. Employers are going to require proof that an operator passed the certification examination. While your certificate can be printed out right away, it may take about a week for individuals to receive a wallet card in the mail. Employers are still responsible for testing an individual's skills in operating a forklift, even if an individual is certified.

Continuing Education

Forklift certifications expire every three years, at which time employers must re-evaluate the operator. In order to remain certified, students must complete a two-hour training course. This course may also be available online. Forklift operators may also have to undergo refresher training if they're found operating the forklift unsafely, need to use a different kind of machine, have an accident or get a poor performance evaluation.

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