Online Accounts Receivable Course and Class Information

Accounts receivable courses are geared toward students and working professionals looking to further their education and skills. Online courses are available through technical institutes, business solutions companies, community colleges and vocational schools.

Essential Information

Accounts receivable clerks keep records and are responsible for the billing and collection of monies owed to organizations. Courses in this field are offered as part of broader undergraduate degree programs, such as accounting or finance. Standalone accounts receivable courses are also available that result in various certificates upon completion. Online individual courses are more readily available than courses in a broader degree program.

Online Accounts Receivable Courses

Below are some of the online accounts receivable courses that students can take.

  • Bookkeeping Course: This course familiarizes students with the basics of many bookkeeping principles and terms, including assets and liabilities, debts, credits and balance sheets. Students also learn how to implement commonly used bookkeeping equations to accurately review and analyze operating statements and balance sheets.
  • Principles of Accounting Course: Students learn the accounting cycle as part of the larger workings of a business or organization. Preparation of financial reports, adjustments and closing of accounts are an example of topics typically covered in accounting courses.
  • Accounts Receivable Course: This type of course teaches students how to handle invoices and billing, customer service and collections. Accounts receivable clerks handle all transactions having to do with outstanding accounts due to the company.
  • Credit Evaluation Course: Students in this course learn about credit analysis procedures, credit approvals and extension or decline of credit. Legal and ethical issues relating to credit are also commonly discussed.
  • Accounts Payable Management: Course participants scrutinize best-practice techniques for administering accounts payable departments. Management principles are taught to optimize an organization's cash flow and financial stability.

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