Online Activities Director Classes and Courses Overview

The title of activities director applies broadly to fields as diverse as education, event planning, gerontology and human services. Online classes strictly devoted to training as an activities director are available but rare. Certain majors do provide job-related classes to prepare students in the field.

Essential Information

Whether in a nursing home or cruise ship, an activities director serves to organize group social events. Education and training can be as simple as a few online courses through a college certificate program or, for complex jobs, a series of courses leading to a master's degree in gerontology or related fields. For those interested in working in a long-term care facility, classes emphasize the aging process and the needs of the elderly. Event planning classes teach students about organizing functions both large and small, including those related to tourism.

Online Activities Director Classes and Courses

Some of the online courses relevant to activities director training are described below.

  • Activities Director Course: Under a health care designation, this course teaches both on the regulations governing long-term care facilities and the appropriate recreation of patients. Students also learn about patient rights.
  • Health and Aging Course: In human services or gerontology programs, students learn about the key benchmarks in the aging process, including changes from illness and to the body and mind. They learn about the social and economic effects of aging on the individual. Students also become familiar with common medical terms.
  • Elderly Program Planning Course: Students learn to assess the needs of the elderly, particularly in a community setting and provide relevant programming. The course discusses such topics as financial concerns, health, nutrition and social interaction.
  • Introduction to Event Planning Course: Students get an overview of the growing event planning business, from budgeting to legal concerns to technology. The course discusses event planning in a variety of fields, including education, non-profits and tourism.
  • Management of Event Planning Course: The course provides an in-depth look at the planning and managing of events from idea to postmortem. Students learn about the many aspects of functions, including food service, management, marketing, security and staging.
  • Event Planning Risk Management Course: Topics include the laws and regulations that a meeting or event planner must follow. Students also learn best practices for controlling the fiscal and operational risks of an event. The necessary skills of identifying risks within documents such as proposals and contracts are explored. Other topics focus on insurance and security analysis.

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