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Online Actuarial Courses and Classes Overviews

Actuarial courses are often presented as part of a math or actuarial science degree program, but most courses for these programs are generally not offered online. Online actuarial courses are available, however, to help trained actuaries pass licensing exams or to provide foundational education in subjects like math and economics.

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Essential Information

Actuaries use statistics and other data to estimate and prevent potential financial damage to their employers and clients. Online students may be able to find courses relevant to actuarial science, but they typically need to attend on-campus programs to earn actuarial degrees.

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs for aspiring actuaries are available. Students in these programs can earn Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in actuarial science, actuarial mathematics, economics and other fields that cover the skills and knowledge that actuaries need. It's possible for students in actuary degree programs to take certain classes online and apply those credits to their degrees. Graduates with actuarial degrees can work for risk management consultants, insurance companies, businesses and government offices.

List of Actuarial Courses

Below are some online courses that can be used to fulfill some of the requirements of an actuarial science or related program.

Online Risk Management Course

Risk management is an important concept for actuaries, and instruction in this area is available online. Though these classes may not focus specifically on risk management for actuaries, students in these courses usually learn how to identify, predict and prevent standard risks like potential profit loss or bad investing. Online classes focusing on insurance industry risk management may be particularly helpful for students intending to earn an actuarial science degree.

Online Economics Course

Though online courses in economics don't usually include actuarial topics, they often provide a basic understanding of the field that can be applied in a variety of situations. Students in these courses learn macroeconomics and microeconomics either separately or concurrently. Some online schools present economics study with a focus on business.

Online Management Course

Management is a common topic in actuarial degree program curricula. Courses in business management, financial management or general management concepts are available online and may be taken for credit in some actuarial degree programs. Online courses in management cover basic management theory, training students in assessment and planning strategies that can be applied to actuarial science.

Actuarial Mathematics Course

Actuarial mathematics courses usually aren't available online and must be taken in a classroom setting. Courses in actuarial mathematics are central to many actuarial degree program curricula, and they are often taken at different levels throughout a student's actuarial education. The focus of these courses, from introductory to advanced levels, is on understanding the statistical models used in actuarial analysis. Finance is often heavily included in these courses.

Actuarial Statistics Course

Statistics are very important in actuarial science; working actuaries rely heavily on statistical data to make their risk management conclusions. Like actuarial mathematics, statistics courses are often taken at different levels throughout an actuarial science student's academic career. Classes in actuarial statistics usually must be taken on-campus at a college or university.

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