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Online audiovisual classes and training programs provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to stay current in the constantly changing multimedia industry. Courses can be applied towards certificates or associate's degrees.

Essential Information

Digital and multimedia programs offer many audiovisual classes online. Some online audiovisual classes are offered within special training programs, where graduates receive certificates in areas such as digital video, audio and editing. Students learn how to use sight, sound or a combination of the two in different formats, including videos, slides or recordings. Various career titles in the industry include audio and video equipment technician, broadcast and sound engineering technician, recording engineer and Web designer.

Online Multimedia Introduction Classes

Below are some of the online audiovisual classes that can be taken as part of associate's degree or a certification program.

  • Multimedia Introduction Class: Students learn about the impact of multimedia functions in regards to entertainment, education, training and marketing. Students focus on image scanning and digital audio and video, as well as multimedia production and design.
  • Video Production Class: The class teaches students basic techniques of video production. Students gain experience through projects, including storyboarding, photo montages, pre-production planning and interview sequencing.
  • Web Design Fundamentals Class: Students learn various aspects of web design and publishing, including hardware, technology and terminology. Topics discussed include an overview of the workflow of Web production and the steps involved, such as testing, prototyping, developing, planning, designing, maintenance and deployment.
  • Adobe Photoshop Class: The class trains students to use the software to retouch and correct the color of images and to use tools for isolating certain areas. They also learn how to import and scan images directly into Photoshop from a digital camera.
  • Website Design: Dreamweaver: Students learn to use the popular website creation software, Dreamweaver, to create their own web pages and websites. Beyond the technical aspects of HTML, the course teaches planning and laying out a web page in a visually pleasing manner.

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