Online AutoCAD Drafting Classes

Diploma, certificate and degree programs offer online AutoCAD training courses for novices and professionals. Read on to learn about classes designed to augment traditional drafting skills via computer-aided systems.

Essential Information

AutoCAD software allows users to create technically complex 2- and 3-dimensional drawings via computer-aided drafting (CAD) techniques. Online classes are offered as part of diploma and certificate programs in AutoCAD technology. Degree programs in architecture, interior design, mechanical and civil engineering and construction also feature online AutoCAD courses.

Course Requirements

In addition to Internet access, students will need AutoCAD software; most schools provide it. Some programs also require printed textbooks. Before enrolling, students should find out whether their course is offered through independent study or on a specific timeline that focuses on interaction among students and instructors.

List of Online AutoCAD Courses

The following descriptions are for some common AutoCAD courses that are available online.

Introductory AutoCAD Course

These courses offer sketch and design training via AutoCAD. Essential AutoCAD functions are covered, including setting up and editing drawings, dimensioning, plotting and layering.

Advanced AutoCAD Course

This class expands on basic AutoCAD functions and introduces solid modeling topics, parametric design and parametric rendering. Students explore ways to customize AutoCAD software products to support independent and special-needs projects.

Programming for AutoCAD Course

Students use Visual Basic to generate and assemble AutoCAD databases. Course content includes fundamental functions of ActiveX Data Objects, which students use to link desktop databases to AutoCAD.

AutoCAD and Interior Design Course

Classes present the functions of AutoCAD that are often used by students of interior design. Participants learn to plot floor, lighting and electrical plans, to produce drawings with unconventional angles and to generate drawing plots that feature multiple scales. Content includes layering, dimensioning, blocks and display commands.

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