Online Auto Technician Course Information

Online auto technician courses are available through many colleges and vocational schools. This article profiles some commonly offered online auto technician courses.

Essential Information

Students seeking online auto technician courses generally complete them as part of larger certificate, associate's degree or bachelor's degree programs in automotive technology. These programs may be offered fully online or in hybrid form, which requires students to complete some on-campus coursework - in-person work is particularly important for a hands-on field like automotive technology. Internships may also be a component to hybrid programs.

Students completing online auto technician courses learn auto repair, refinishing, painting and detailing techniques. Graduates of certificate or degree programs may be qualified to sit for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification exams and can seek entry-level automotive service technician positions in auto repair shops or car dealerships.

Online Auto Technician Courses

The following course descriptions detail the typical curriculum of the most common online auto technician courses.

Modern Automotive Technology Course

Students learn how to diagnose, construct, repair and service automotive systems. Using illustrations and 3D models, students learn about emissions, air bags, security systems, suspension systems, brake systems, tools, safety and diagnostic procedures.

Automotive Body and Collision Repair Course

This course instructs students how to weld, diagnose and repair damage to cars and trucks. Students learn how to use sheet metal, plastics and electrical components to repair auto damage. Other topics include power tools, air compression, body repair, fillers, glazes and cost estimation.

Electrical Systems Course

Students learn various automotive electrical systems, including chassis control, powertrain control, battery control, hybrid control and body control. Vehicle communication networks are also discussed.

Business Practices for the Automotive Industry Course

This course teaches students how to manage independent shops or corporate dealerships. Topics include staff and inventory management, financial policies, financial statement analysis, industry report systems and industry standards.

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