Online BA in Human Resource Management: Degree Options

A human resource manager's main function is to recruit, hire and take care of the needs of an organization's employees. Prospective human resource managers have a handful of online educational opportunities at the bachelor's degree level. Explore some of the common course topics covered in these programs, and check career info for HR managers.

Essential Information

Several schools offer online Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree programs in human resources management; sometimes this field is offered as a concentration within a business management bachelor's degree program. Prospective students may also like to know that online human resource management degree programs are available at the master's degree level.

Some online bachelor's degree programs in human resources management are degree completion programs, requiring the equivalent of an associate's degree and completion of general education coursework prior to enrolling. Individuals who are already working in a related field may apply to this type of program.

Human resources management programs may prepare graduates to sit for professional exams, like the certification exam for the Professional in Human Resources credential. Additional work experience may be required to meet certification standards.

Online Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management Overview

Online bachelor degree programs in human resource management are designed for professionals looking to advance in their careers, as well as prospective human resource managers looking to become qualified for entry-level human resource (HR) positions.

Students enrolled in programs like the Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management or Bachelor of Science in Business, Management and Economics with a concentration in human resource management acquire the skills necessary to manage employee and labor relations, as well as institute occupational safety and security. Most schools require program applicants to have a high school diploma or GED.

Program Details and Description

These online bachelor's degree programs can take between 2-4 years to complete. At most schools, it will take a student about 120 credits to complete an online bachelor's degree program. A typical comprehensive program will cover all aspects of human resource management, including business ethics, economics, accounting and human resource development.

Schools that offer online bachelor's programs in human resource management establish virtual classrooms that students can access by logging into a central system. These classrooms include downloadable assignments, as well as a chat client to communicate with the instructor and classmates and reference materials. As long as a student has a reliable Internet connection they can log in and complete course work at any time.

Common Program Courses with Descriptions

Most online human resource management programs have a curriculum that is based around business, ethics and economics courses. Many schools also require students to complete writing and social science pre-requisites before they begin human resource management courses.

Organizational Staffing Course

This course discusses the skills associated with selecting, training and compensating the staff of a business organization. It also examines policies and theories related to these practices.

Business Ethics Course

Students taking this course evaluate and discuss the ethical issues that are prevalent in a modern business environment. These issues include the relationship between the business and the community as well as the business and its staff.

Labor Relations Course

This class discusses the historical and contemporary nature of labor relations between companies and employees, as well as between individual staff members within an organization. The course also covers the negotiation of labor agreements, labor productivity and collective bargaining.

Theory and Techniques of Training Course

Students in this course are taught instructional and training techniques, training strategies and the training environment. This course is meant for students seeking an introduction to administering training within a business organization.

Career Outlook for Human Resource Managers

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment for human resource managers will grow 22% between 2008-2018 ( Demand is also expected to grow for human resource managers that specialize in employee training as business technology advances and new positions are created. According to the BLS, as of 2010, the average median salary of human resource managers was $108,600.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Online graduate level programs in human resource management are available to students who wish to expand their education beyond a bachelor degree, including the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resources. The online MBA program allows students to build their skills in specific areas, such as recruiting, strategic planning and workplace learning. Certification options are also available through organizations like the HR Certification Institute, which offers certification for professional, senior professional and global professional human resources professionals.

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